thread The Caledonian Sleeper, I take it?
Rather than the Night Riviera to Cornwall.

Al's not wrong. Fort William itself isn't much, but it's surrounded by awesomeness. The problem is that once you get to Inverness or Fort William, you kinda need a car to get to the beautiful stuff. There are buses but a bit of a hassle. Would she be up for hiring a car when she got there?

Al's Fort William - Inverness loop would be gorgeous... especially if she did a one-way car hire between the two? Then you can stop at lovely places like Fort Augustus and you get to drive along Loch Ness.

How long is she looking at spending? If it's longer than a couple of days, then there are more options... Skye, for example...

Aviemore is a good call. There's actually lots to do around there and I think that places like the Cairnogorm funicular, the Highland Wildlife Park etc are probably bussable.
permalink Also... what time of year?
permalink I don't have any additional information
I suggested Aviemore, since he's only small and hours more on the train/bus might get very tedious.
permalink maybe not the funicular
any time soon
permalink or possibly ever
it is very fucked and they've no money to fix it and the ski area is likely to go entirely bust now
permalink Ah well...
Bugger that then. Pity.
permalink saw via friends on fb
that they'd sent out a message to local ski instructors that the ski-school won't open at all this winter.
permalink Shit... that's quite a big deal around there...
permalink I read about that
the other week, what a fuckup.