thread Heathrow, Terminal 5
Business Parking to use the pods


Luton, long stay all the way round the back of the fucking airport, in sight of the planes but a lengthy shuttle bus ride away
permalink yes, one of those
permalink it's the shitty
latter one, yes?
permalink very much so
cattle class Wizz air. Nice.
permalink Waves*
I am in Luton today, having just landed from my overnight flight to Heathrow.

But just for a meeting... Now I desperately need my bed.
permalink I'd forgotten how grim it is
what a dump.
permalink Stansted has been degrading so long I now
Feel Luton is surprisingly less shit than I expect... But still shit obviously.

They are also building some sort of improved link from the train station which will hopefully speed things up.

And the new Marriott courtyard is nice looking.
permalink to be fair
for a small place it wasn't that awful. Luton itself is, and when they've finished building it can only be better, but there's nowhere to sit!