thread Man, I could do with getting out of teh fucking office.
I've had three site visits in 13 years.

My CAD monkey partner and I (we're both Associates) had to throw our toys out of the pram tonight, at the end of a 12.5hr day, telling the fuckers who 'run' my team just how much more draughting work had to be done by deadline tonorrow. So we're just going to put out GAs, 31 of them, and the other 126 drawings - details, elevs, splayer plans, member schedules - and the 3d models, have been postponed for a week. We went into the meeting refusing to issue anything at all, which was our way of getting them to think they were getting a concession out of us when we agreed to their requests for GAs which are almost ready anyway.

I quite enjoyed playing Nice CAD Tech and Nasty CAD Tech. Guess which one I was. Go on, guess.
permalink Hmm, let me think...
permalink I spent too much of today on sites
Fortnum and Mason at Royal Exchange and 100 Bishopsgate. The latter involved climbing way too many stairs.

I have some crap to do that I hate, trying to wrangle the worst lighting control gadget I’ve ever tried to use, which is preventing me from getting to working on a fucking huge station that needs to happen very quickly.

Saw a great private screening of a film about neon signs tonight though...
permalink Did these neon signs say things like
permalink Some of them did!
It was a fantastic litte documentary. Absolutely loved it.

permalink I assume they featured gods own junkyard in walthamstow
(and i take it you've been there right??)
permalink The film is mostly about America
and the history of neon rather than now. A lot of it is black and white!

I still haven't got to GOJ when it's open!
permalink That is the best time to go
permalink The only times I find myself in Walthamstow are when we come to see you two!
Must make a special trip.
permalink Or you meet us there
We will wait in the pub opposite
permalink We should arrange this sometime
Leave it with me.