thread Yeah, he loves it though
And I don't believe that would be a typical Friday for him.
permalink Indeed,
I normally only do mad overtime with big Stage issues, though I do 5 or 6 hrs overtime every week. Left an hour late last night, for instance, because I wanted to park a task in a sensible place, rather than halfway through a tricky manoeuvre.
permalink I'm contracted for 37.5 hrs/wk
I generally do 45+, so an extra day across every week. Sometimes 50+, occasionally in the 60s.

I get quite well paid and I get a bonus. But this industry (architecture/engineering/design/etc) is brutally exploitative and has a hideous macho culture about working hours.

The Spaniard is good at making sure I don't work silly hours unless I have to.
permalink As is Mrs Me.
And yes, the money is good and the bonuses have been superb.

I have, however, booked a sit-down with one of the Top Brass to talk about setting up a new series of guidelines to stop this kind of nonsense from happening over and over again. I've had to go over the head of my team director, on the grounds that he's a fucking useless cunt, which won't make me popular, but I am concerned that we're so badly organised at the moment that we're putting out sub-par work. And we can't go on slagging off the architects for being shite (and they are, they really, really are) if we're starting to look that way too.
permalink why are architects sooo loathed
is it there lack of finishing details.. living in a dream world or what?
permalink I think there are lots of reasons, some justified, some not.
I think one of the reasons pzxyxyxwig hates dealing with them is that they are not well organised and rather than using professional draftsmen to organise Thier drawings they use the abundant cheap labour of recent graduates.

Many people hate them because of past mistakes which hang around for a long time... Even if those mistakes might be as much of the clients making as the architects.

It might be because they are taught they they are able to solve all problems ( and the field is very broad so that is sort of required) and are therefore smug

It might be because of that fucking ugly building at the end of my road

It might be because the are conditioned to work in a very narrow pallette of "acceptable" materials, moods , atmospheres and get very snooty about all others.

It might be because it's very easy to construct a set of requirements that it physically impossible to achieve.. either their clients do this or they do this themselves.

Planning, building regs, BS, DDA and the various housing standards, secure by design, brand standards etc are a horrible mess of cotradictory and conflicting requirements... And buildings are much more complex than before. Architects are supposed to be the ones to make it all work but they actually started their profession to make cool shapes not navigate beurocracy

They are all driven down on fees and firms are run by ego maniacs with no sense of efficient workflow

There is very rarely any repetition of projects so any lessons learned are binned every time

Beady little eyes

permalink This.
permalink Also,
moving a slab edge by 2mm because they’ve changed their minds about the facade cladding.
permalink Have they ever he add of the word tolerance?
permalink Sadly, no.
On this occasion they were told to go fuck themselves.
permalink Well, that's not very tolerant!
permalink A 2mm tolerance on a concrete slab would be pretty good going...
That sounds like one of the 12 year-olds at work.
permalink We reckon it was one of the interns.
I must ask one of the seniors, who turns out to be a friend of a friend of mine.
permalink Yep, it was an intern.
He just did the maths, and saw that the slab edge needed to be 1383 back from the cladding line, rather than 1385 as it was.
permalink I think you should compromise
And make it 1384
permalink I only hate particular architects.
Not the whole profession.

But some of the ones I hate, I really fucking loathe with every fibre of my being.
permalink Which reminds me...
Have you seen this proposed piece of shit stupid monstrosity?


It's London, not fucking Dubai.
permalink God, the dezeen comment that said
"Does it vibrate" was the best point that could have been made
permalink amazing.
in so many ways.

my mum was down visiting me this weekend, but Friday she took a trip to Thorpe Bay to see her 93yr old godmother. Which meant walking between Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street, having not been to The City in many years.

Her impression of it was of a proper sci-fi city, all massive buildings on tiny streets with the occasional random ancient church huddling among the bases. Which seems about right. It is a weird jumble of a place.
permalink Fucking awful.
permalink Are they the ones
with particularly beady eyes?
permalink Their eyes are just dead. Look into them and you can see straight to the 7th circle of hell.