thread Also,
moving a slab edge by 2mm because they’ve changed their minds about the facade cladding.
permalink Have they ever he add of the word tolerance?
permalink Sadly, no.
On this occasion they were told to go fuck themselves.
permalink Well, that's not very tolerant!
permalink A 2mm tolerance on a concrete slab would be pretty good going...
That sounds like one of the 12 year-olds at work.
permalink We reckon it was one of the interns.
I must ask one of the seniors, who turns out to be a friend of a friend of mine.
permalink Yep, it was an intern.
He just did the maths, and saw that the slab edge needed to be 1383 back from the cladding line, rather than 1385 as it was.
permalink I think you should compromise
And make it 1384