thread I only hate particular architects.
Not the whole profession.

But some of the ones I hate, I really fucking loathe with every fibre of my being.
permalink Which reminds me...
Have you seen this proposed piece of shit stupid monstrosity?


It's London, not fucking Dubai.
permalink God, the dezeen comment that said
"Does it vibrate" was the best point that could have been made
permalink amazing.
in so many ways.

my mum was down visiting me this weekend, but Friday she took a trip to Thorpe Bay to see her 93yr old godmother. Which meant walking between Liverpool Street and Fenchurch Street, having not been to The City in many years.

Her impression of it was of a proper sci-fi city, all massive buildings on tiny streets with the occasional random ancient church huddling among the bases. Which seems about right. It is a weird jumble of a place.
permalink Fucking awful.
permalink Are they the ones
with particularly beady eyes?
permalink Their eyes are just dead. Look into them and you can see straight to the 7th circle of hell.