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permalink Having now seen it on BaceFook
I'm guessing* its Brussels. And is it Charleois that O'Leary Air fly to?

*not guessing at all
permalink probably
to be fair Charleroi airport is barely further out of Brussels than Gatwick is London. Because "halfway across the country" isn't very far when you're Belgium
permalink close as the crow flies
but a ballache in practical terms
permalink A right
Belgian ballache!
permalink also known
as pavé
permalink being a sad nerd
I looked up how many flights there are now from London to Brussels (any airports at each end)- there's 10, 9 from Heathrow (mainly Brussels Airlines and BA) and one from Gatwick (as a leg of a flight to Rwanda).

Eurostar has properly destroyed that market.
permalink Just like Londres-Paris
used to be one of the busiest routes in the world, not any more!
permalink If London-Edinburgh
And London-Glasgow could be brought down to three hours by train a very large % of domestic air travel in the UK would be wiped out.
permalink Although interestingly...
I have seen a big swing towards the train in recent years on London-Edinburgh. Partly because of massively reduced timetables by some carriers, allowing BA (who still have a decent timetable) to put their prices through the roof.

Also, a ,lot of the trains are around 4:20-4:30 city centre to city centre. Flying only saves you about an hour max in most cases, and you can;t get anything done, whereas the train lets you work, sleep, read, whatever from end-to-end.
permalink I think a huge part of it has been reliability
I now almost always go by train, whereas maybe 5+ years ago I would have flown just to be reasonably sure I'd actually get there

There was a period maybe 15-20 years ago when it seemed your odds of making the whole journey down the west coast without major interruption were worse than 50-50
permalink i don't even think it'd need that much
if you could do 3.5 -4 then you'd be winning for centre to centre travel.

lots of people who travel a lot though are set up to get to airports easily which can cut that advantage.
permalink Three hours is I think
The supposed mark at which short haul (hour or so) flying gets completely obliterated by rail.
permalink looking at paris-Marseille
which is 3h18m it seems you are right.

hourly flights (though all the loss making air france)
permalink And flights to major hubs
Like LHR for BAW or CDG for AFR don't really count, as they're funnelling connecting traffic mostly, not point to point
permalink which is partly why
CdG is an important stop on the TGV network
permalink It is indeed
zut alors!