thread Although interestingly...
I have seen a big swing towards the train in recent years on London-Edinburgh. Partly because of massively reduced timetables by some carriers, allowing BA (who still have a decent timetable) to put their prices through the roof.

Also, a ,lot of the trains are around 4:20-4:30 city centre to city centre. Flying only saves you about an hour max in most cases, and you can;t get anything done, whereas the train lets you work, sleep, read, whatever from end-to-end.
permalink I think a huge part of it has been reliability
I now almost always go by train, whereas maybe 5+ years ago I would have flown just to be reasonably sure I'd actually get there

There was a period maybe 15-20 years ago when it seemed your odds of making the whole journey down the west coast without major interruption were worse than 50-50