thread oh what fresh hell is this
outbrain the providers of spam, ads and clickbait sidebars seem to have innovated to provide adds which are static gifs which vibrate up and down one pixel and a super high rate... i saw one on this
but i guess you might see something different when you click.

it's like a headache in a sidebar.

does anyone have a decent adblocking strategy that doesn't get you locked out of loads of sites?
permalink Ublock Origin
Deals with all those 'turn off yer blocker' sites
permalink ^^
This. Especially on mobile
permalink I don't see anything at all
what with running several adblockers
permalink Excel monkeys!
I have a sheet with sets of data. At each data point are three values*. There's a t=0 data point which is the Reference, and then eight data points.

I have a second sheet, into which I can paste the reference values and a data point set of values and it will produce a single number** based on this.

The second sheet has a phenomenal number of formulas that do this in separate cells and each formula can be hilariously convuluted.

As I have seven data sets*** for which I want to output the single number eight times, and I will use the same template in the future, what's the easiest way of automating this?

Mmm, colours

* La*b*
**Delta E 2000
permalink Apply limes?
Nope, that's all I got
permalink probably a macro
set it up once, run it any time. vb scripting
I have this which adds up two results and pumps out a new result row then on the end measures 7 outcomes for each person
Do While RowNo Cells(RowNo - 1, 1) Then topCell = RowNo
If Cells(RowNo, 1) = 1 Then
Range(int_rowadd & ":" & int_rowadd).Insert xlShiftDown
Cells(int_rowadd, 2).Value = Cells(botCell, 1).Value
Cells(int_rowadd, 1).Value = "Result"
Cells(int_rowadd, 13).Value = Cells(botCell, 13).Value
Cells(int_rowadd, 14).Value = Cells(botCell, 14).Value
Cells(int_rowadd, 15).Value = Cells(botCell, 15).Value
Cells(topCell, 2).Value = "Start"
Cells(botCell, 2).Value = "Exit"

For ColNo = 6 To 12
int_outcometop = Cells(topCell, ColNo).Value
int_outcomebot = Cells(botCell, ColNo).Value
int_outcome = int_outcomebot - int_outcometop
Cells(int_rowadd, ColNo).Value = int_outcome
Next ColNo
End If
End If
End If
RowNo = RowNo + 1
permalink oh and this is scabbed from my previous
I barely know what its doing, I'm going to learn soon.
permalink I generally manage not to be annoyed by ads.
Maybe I am using a superior type of midget donkey porn site.

Meanwhile, I am knackered. Started work at 6am yesterday, got a 1.23 train from Euston to Birmingham (working in transit), did a 3 hour presentation, walked around the site after dark (and didn't get stabbed, which felt like a lucky escape), got the 7.10 train back... home about 9.30...

Today I am leaving here sharp and going home to do no work, drink beer, and have fun with the Spaniard until I fall asleep.
permalink I've just finished conferencing
and am sat in a grimy belgian station pub waiting to head to Cologne. I could happily stay right here for some time.
permalink Godammnen
Just got upgraded to possibly the schmanciest hotel room I've ever had, and I'm literally just staying in it for a nap before an early train
permalink I'm heading to Luton for a late flight to

I brought the big jacket
permalink bloody roasting,
the joys of bella italia for dinner

but my w!zz air flight seems to be on time
permalink Is flying Wizz Air
a piece of piss?
permalink Depends which airport urine
permalink *snortle*
permalink The trick is to get
bladdered in the airport bar before your flight
permalink Oui.
permalink fucking hell
ignore me. I'm tired.