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I have a sheet with sets of data. At each data point are three values*. There's a t=0 data point which is the Reference, and then eight data points.

I have a second sheet, into which I can paste the reference values and a data point set of values and it will produce a single number** based on this.

The second sheet has a phenomenal number of formulas that do this in separate cells and each formula can be hilariously convuluted.

As I have seven data sets*** for which I want to output the single number eight times, and I will use the same template in the future, what's the easiest way of automating this?

Mmm, colours

* La*b*
**Delta E 2000
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Nope, that's all I got
permalink probably a macro
set it up once, run it any time. vb scripting
I have this which adds up two results and pumps out a new result row then on the end measures 7 outcomes for each person
Do While RowNo Cells(RowNo - 1, 1) Then topCell = RowNo
If Cells(RowNo, 1) = 1 Then
Range(int_rowadd & ":" & int_rowadd).Insert xlShiftDown
Cells(int_rowadd, 2).Value = Cells(botCell, 1).Value
Cells(int_rowadd, 1).Value = "Result"
Cells(int_rowadd, 13).Value = Cells(botCell, 13).Value
Cells(int_rowadd, 14).Value = Cells(botCell, 14).Value
Cells(int_rowadd, 15).Value = Cells(botCell, 15).Value
Cells(topCell, 2).Value = "Start"
Cells(botCell, 2).Value = "Exit"

For ColNo = 6 To 12
int_outcometop = Cells(topCell, ColNo).Value
int_outcomebot = Cells(botCell, ColNo).Value
int_outcome = int_outcomebot - int_outcometop
Cells(int_rowadd, ColNo).Value = int_outcome
Next ColNo
End If
End If
End If
RowNo = RowNo + 1
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I barely know what its doing, I'm going to learn soon.