thread I generally manage not to be annoyed by ads.
Maybe I am using a superior type of midget donkey porn site.

Meanwhile, I am knackered. Started work at 6am yesterday, got a 1.23 train from Euston to Birmingham (working in transit), did a 3 hour presentation, walked around the site after dark (and didn't get stabbed, which felt like a lucky escape), got the 7.10 train back... home about 9.30...

Today I am leaving here sharp and going home to do no work, drink beer, and have fun with the Spaniard until I fall asleep.
permalink I've just finished conferencing
and am sat in a grimy belgian station pub waiting to head to Cologne. I could happily stay right here for some time.
permalink Godammnen
Just got upgraded to possibly the schmanciest hotel room I've ever had, and I'm literally just staying in it for a nap before an early train
permalink I'm heading to Luton for a late flight to

I brought the big jacket
permalink bloody roasting,
the joys of bella italia for dinner

but my w!zz air flight seems to be on time
permalink Is flying Wizz Air
a piece of piss?
permalink Depends which airport urine
permalink *snortle*
permalink The trick is to get
bladdered in the airport bar before your flight
permalink Oui.
permalink fucking hell
ignore me. I'm tired.