thread Nearly finished work for a few days...
Off to Iceland this afternoon!

Back Tuesday night, off Wednesday but have to pop out for a few hours to commission a temporary installation, then off Thursday 'cos it's my birthday innit.

I shall have a birthday lie-in, probably a birthday wank, take myself to the pub for birthday lunch, then have some sort of fantastic birthday dinner with the Spaniard (where we're going is a surprise!

Anyway, before that... pre-birthday geysers, waterfalls, volcanos and much finger-crossing for some Aurora Action!
permalink get us some fish fingers

Oddly, It's st andrews day today.. which in Poland starts on thursday night and finishes on friday evening.

I'm not exactly sure how that works
permalink Also my job today involved looking at a pair of oars
and saying which i preferred...

Yes, oars, that was not a phonetic miss-spelling.

in a factory in poland between a bedroom that will end up being shipped to the caribean and another which will go to inverness. If someone mentions that they went to a hotel in inverness and found an oar above the bed, then things have gone slightly wrong.
permalink Oarsome!
permalink they had a small kayak one from a different thing
it was amazingly nice to hold, really well balanced. it was quite odd how light and natural it felt.... i guess that's a few thousand years of people using and improving this stuff.

permalink that do a pretty OK
xmas pudding too
permalink Jealous
but I'm going to Gdansk at lunchtime so I can't complain too much.
permalink good song that..
permalink oh nice!
be careful of the mafia though
permalink that sounds good
we've got the mother in law's birthday party Saturday evening. I can't be arsed with that. Hopefully I'll get out on the bike at some point, can't work out where that noise come from, pedal I think.
permalink I'm out with street pastors tonight
for the first time since Jude was born two months ago. Not really sure if I'm awake enough for it.
permalink So
what does this entail? Like street preaching?
permalink It doesn't involve any preaching at all, which is good.
Street pastors go out into town of an evening to help keep people safe. We pick up bottles and glasses, we give out water to drunks and flip flops to women who have ditched their heels, we administer first aid, we wait for the ambulance, we chat, we give out lollies, that kind of thing.

So tonight between about 10pm and 3am we were walking around the centre of Wigan. We were mostly just chatting to people. We gave out lots of flip flops, all our stock of water bottles and a few lollies.

We're supported by the pubs and clubs, the council and the police. The chap in charge sits in meetings with social services, police and the council so that we're kept informed and we're on the radio with the door staff and central watch when we're out.
permalink Nice one.