thread get us some fish fingers

Oddly, It's st andrews day today.. which in Poland starts on thursday night and finishes on friday evening.

I'm not exactly sure how that works
permalink Also my job today involved looking at a pair of oars
and saying which i preferred...

Yes, oars, that was not a phonetic miss-spelling.

in a factory in poland between a bedroom that will end up being shipped to the caribean and another which will go to inverness. If someone mentions that they went to a hotel in inverness and found an oar above the bed, then things have gone slightly wrong.
permalink Oarsome!
permalink they had a small kayak one from a different thing
it was amazingly nice to hold, really well balanced. it was quite odd how light and natural it felt.... i guess that's a few thousand years of people using and improving this stuff.

permalink that do a pretty OK
xmas pudding too