thread That's what I was referring to when I said to be careful
It is indeed a cracking film, up there with the best of Romero
permalink This,
very much this.
permalink I am in Berlin
I am fairly sure a telling sign of getting old is trying to go out on Sat night in Berlin, looking at the queues, then being back in the hotel room with a cup of tea by 11.
permalink Heh! I had fun up
at a mate's gaff on fri whilst avoiding the local xmas lights switch on. Wandered home at 10 and ran into a mate who was just going out, she said 'coming to the pub?' and I had to admit I was knackered and going home.
permalink I left a great party at midnight last night.
I'd been on the sparkling water for an hour by then.
permalink I wish I'd gone on the sparkling water on Sat night
That would have avoided a lot of lying on couch feeling hungover yesterday
permalink We're getting
old innit. Still, def nice to wake up fairly early at weekends and not end up spending most of the day in bed waiting for hair-of-the-dog-o'clock.

In the 'old days' (pre-2015) I'd have been up the pub from around 4 yesterday and then felt like dogshit all this morn.