thread "This e-mail may have been intercepted and its information altered."
Thanks for the reassurance HMRC!

How's your week looking?
permalink no travel
but a couple of nights boozage.

permalink due to our work firewall, there's a certain specific order and number of clicks
you need to do on the BBC website to listen to the iPlayer. It changes every time. It's like a really tedious point and click game. Anyway, I've worked it out today so I can initially listen to last week's Gideon Coe show with an Elvis concert, so slightly better than it was looking.
permalink That sounds like a pain in the bum.
We don't have a TV licence so I can't watch BBC stuff at work. I quite enjoy having something on while I'm coding, I find it easier to ignore when I need to concentrate than the radio.

So I've been watching Black Mirror on netflix. It's rather good.
permalink it is a bit
the IT bloke refuses to believe our firewall stops the BBC website.

If I'm on my own and just ploughing through stuff I listen to Gid, it's good background noise.
permalink and some of it is already starting to happen for reals
i won't post anything just yet as it may contain spoiler-age
permalink Short, I'm on holiday today \o/
Also on sat night I led my team to an excellent victory at the Centre For Computing History's xmas quiz. 11 teams of 6.

Sometimes being old with a good memory has its advantages :D
permalink Nice!
Was it a computing history quiz?
permalink Mostly,
with a couple of random rounds thrown in, the first one being all about Dragons. We didn't do too well in that one but thankfully as it turned out neither did anyone else :) There was a round on beards, 5 famous computer related bearded blokes and 5 bearded game characters. For the life of me I can't remember what the 2nd 'not computery' one was. Some questions also carried 'nerd points' for extra details like knowing the film 'Tron' was rendered using a Foonly F1 which is/was a heavily modified DEC PDP-10.

Top evening's entertainment.
permalink I saw a collection of Zuses and Zuse replicas a couple of days ago
Most electromechanical
permalink oh cool!
Whereabouts? I've never seen one 'in the flesh' so to speak.
permalink Berlin technological museum
A reconstructed Z1 and Z3, and then various 50s/60s specimens in the flesh
permalink Dammit, yet another
reason to get to Berlin at some point. I'm sure I can despatch Mrs Witchy off to some Art Gubbins while I peruse :)
permalink Be warned
That while the specimens are great, their importance (certainly with regard the later models) is significantly overstated. The Z3 reconstruction is also a functional reconstruction with modern electromechanical switches- go to Munich for the proper one.

Having said that, the Z2* models are really awesome, and in perfect nick.

We also went to the Videogame museum, which has a frankly amazing arcade cabinet from 1985-ish GDR, which has about 8 or 9 games that are kitsch and also really really good :)
permalink *makes notes*
permalink Ah yes,
Deutsches Technikmuseum. Fucking love that place, have been a fair few times.

See also the Koc* Museum in Istanbul for shedloads more trains and boats and planes and indeed a submarine.

*Sadly pronounced 'cosh'
permalink Good memory
Even if a fellow team member did have to keep reseating it every now and then
permalink The ale did that
quite nicely ta :)
permalink so it seems sting is touring with shaggy

i'm not sure what to make of that.
permalink See!
I wasn't imagining it.
permalink and i was sure he'd died
the geordie that is
permalink He is dying
It's just a very tantric death, could take another 20 years
permalink haha
that seems to be everyones response! :)
permalink I am hating Revit more than ever.
But it's the works Xmas Bash on Friday, black tie, at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. Buffet, DJ, punk/rock covers band, free bar, in a museum. What could possibly go wrong?

And Bauhaus at the Brixton Academy next Sunday (I refuse to call it the O2 Brixton).
permalink what could go wrong indeed
if any glass displays get smashed in the alice in wonderland section..
i'll take it ALL :)

oh i just noticed the bauhaus thing.. is it just P.M. or are the whole crew going to be there?
permalink David J and PM,
dunno who else.
permalink Possibly
Bella Lugosi's dad?
permalink When I was living in Hackney in the 80s,
we used to go to Hackney Empire most Fridays for comedy cabarets. The best ventriloquist act i ever saw, one memorable night, was Dave Dudd & His Dead Dad. The Dead Dad dummy was a foul mouthed life sized rotting corpse, all bits of greeny grey flesh falling off, while Dave Dudd was this meek civil servant embarrassed at having to carry his dead dad everywhere. Just superb.

Carry on.
permalink i've been watching some of those richard herring interviews on youTube
and it seems late 80's early 90's were full of truly off the wall comedy acts
it seems all that imagination has gone now.. everything is so watered down now
permalink Indeed
Can't imagine weird shit like TMWRNJ these days. Never mind getting home from the pub to totally bonkers stuff like Attention Scum!
permalink Yeah,
some of the acts we used to see at the Empire were mind-boggling. Most of them I can't even find online; Arlo Barlo, the Brighton Squeak Ensemble, the guy who impersonated WW2 aircraft noises, the woman who made ladders out of newspaper, all lost in the mists of time.

At least you can still get fragments of early Kevin MacAleer:-
permalink Also, this, from B3ta:-
# There used to be a very funny ventriloquist
act on the 'alternative' circuit in the 80s called Dave Dudd and his Dead Dad. He had a life sized rotting corpse dummy. Brilliant...
I helped save b3ta! pxyzyzygy, Tue 11 Mar 2003, 13:58,

# bet his jokes
often died on stage. I wonder if he ever corpsed?
I helped save b3ta! witchy is covered in BEES, Tue 11 Mar 2003, 14:04,

# He worked both those lines
into his act...
I helped save b3ta! pxyzyzygy, Tue 11 Mar 2003, 14:07
permalink My most abiding memory of the one Reading festival I went to
98, I think? Was in one of the tents we saw David Devant and his Spirit Wife. Music was fine, but was struck me was the young lady, who's job was to spend the set grating carrots over a mannequin's head. As you do.
permalink Now there's a name from the past.
I saw him supporting - I think - The Wedding Present in New Cross Venue in 1995 or so. Very good they were. The Weddoes were, of course, magnificent.
permalink Didn't the singer
call himself The Vessel or summat equally odd?
permalink Apparently so
And still going!

permalink hahaha
fuck that was a long time ago.
permalink i was slightly annoyed to find out the consultants weren't using revit
on a project recently... just because their drawings were so shit, I thought it was better to be able to blame revit, than have to deal with the fact they are just that bad.

permalink I got myself a 2TB usb stick for under a tenner
and I'm transferring all of the data from a USB HDD to this stick so I can reformat the drive (it's in ext rather than ntfs).

It's taking forever. I left my laptop at work overnight to get it finished but it stopped when it hit symlinks and made almost no progress.

I don't know which device is being ridiculously slow.
permalink sounds like a knock off usb stick
with a bogus header
permalink Yep. Just trying to figure out how big it actually is.
permalink 2TB on a USB stick?!
You've been had unless it's the size of Leeds. Sticks haven't got above 256GB yet. I agree with Mr Mick Toby here.
permalink I've seen USB leads
But I don't think I've seen a USB Leeds
permalink appears to be some kind of multi-volume archive
so giving a total of 2TB but asks for the next disk in the set if you go over the limit.
permalink work while lying down
I'm pretty sure this was on nathan barley

or was it in Wall-E..

permalink In Other News,
permalink Just back from berlin
so looking forward to a 3-day week

much good food was et and gluhwein glugged
permalink I hope you had haxe
permalink Is that what 1337
haxxors drink?
permalink not so much
permalink no knuckles were nommed
we ate a lot of vietnamese grub
permalink well, just not pork knuckles then
permalink Ah right
So it's hock. Which of course, confusingly, is also a drink! ;-)
permalink Back from an AWESOME few days in Iceland.
Banned from tweeting for 12 hours for calling David Cameron a cunt, and observing that his shepherd’s hut isn’t a “writing room” but a “cunting wagon”.

Statement of fact I thought, but apparently that’s abusive.
permalink It's political correctness gone mad I tell you!
You can't even call a cunt a cunt anymore!
permalink well shepard's huts are wagons - fact
not sure what amount of cunting is involved though
permalink I had the same.
See also Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Jeremy Hunt and the one that got me banned outright, Richard Branson.
permalink _Al (or anyone that might now)
there are dental whitening products that are triggered by (LED) light
is it possible that other products such as a glue would work under certain lighting conditions so that turning off the light (or vis-a-versa) would halt it's bonding compound?
permalink fwiw
i think those lights are UV not LED so it'd be theoretically possible to have non-uv light on and it wouldn't set (or set more slowly)
permalink So
there are adhesives (including dental), inks and other things that can be cured by light.

Most of these have their photo-initiator (the chemical that sets the reaction going) in the UV range, usually tuned to UV discharge lamps. There's some that react to specific UV LEDs, and some that are sensitive to visible wavelength light (green through violet, the higher energy photon range)

Anyway, these are all near enough "instant" curing. It's possible to under cure, but usually doesn't happen. It would typically be very hard to partially cure, and partially curing, disassembling and reassembling, followed by further light, will not produce a viable bond- remember that if you're gluing things then one of the things needs to be transparent to the required wavelengths of light.

The reaction is irreversible- turning off the light does not mean the bond decomposes back to the original chemicals; indeed there is no viable way to return the cured material to the components.
permalink what the fuck are you trying to do?
permalink Come on Al
you know it's probably best not to know the answer to that question
permalink "walks around for a bit"