thread Short, I'm on holiday today \o/
Also on sat night I led my team to an excellent victory at the Centre For Computing History's xmas quiz. 11 teams of 6.

Sometimes being old with a good memory has its advantages :D
permalink Nice!
Was it a computing history quiz?
permalink Mostly,
with a couple of random rounds thrown in, the first one being all about Dragons. We didn't do too well in that one but thankfully as it turned out neither did anyone else :) There was a round on beards, 5 famous computer related bearded blokes and 5 bearded game characters. For the life of me I can't remember what the 2nd 'not computery' one was. Some questions also carried 'nerd points' for extra details like knowing the film 'Tron' was rendered using a Foonly F1 which is/was a heavily modified DEC PDP-10.

Top evening's entertainment.
permalink I saw a collection of Zuses and Zuse replicas a couple of days ago
Most electromechanical
permalink oh cool!
Whereabouts? I've never seen one 'in the flesh' so to speak.
permalink Berlin technological museum
A reconstructed Z1 and Z3, and then various 50s/60s specimens in the flesh
permalink Dammit, yet another
reason to get to Berlin at some point. I'm sure I can despatch Mrs Witchy off to some Art Gubbins while I peruse :)
permalink Be warned
That while the specimens are great, their importance (certainly with regard the later models) is significantly overstated. The Z3 reconstruction is also a functional reconstruction with modern electromechanical switches- go to Munich for the proper one.

Having said that, the Z2* models are really awesome, and in perfect nick.

We also went to the Videogame museum, which has a frankly amazing arcade cabinet from 1985-ish GDR, which has about 8 or 9 games that are kitsch and also really really good :)
permalink *makes notes*
permalink Ah yes,
Deutsches Technikmuseum. Fucking love that place, have been a fair few times.

See also the Koc* Museum in Istanbul for shedloads more trains and boats and planes and indeed a submarine.

*Sadly pronounced 'cosh'
permalink Good memory
Even if a fellow team member did have to keep reseating it every now and then
permalink The ale did that
quite nicely ta :)