thread I got myself a 2TB usb stick for under a tenner
and I'm transferring all of the data from a USB HDD to this stick so I can reformat the drive (it's in ext rather than ntfs).

It's taking forever. I left my laptop at work overnight to get it finished but it stopped when it hit symlinks and made almost no progress.

I don't know which device is being ridiculously slow.
permalink sounds like a knock off usb stick
with a bogus header
permalink Yep. Just trying to figure out how big it actually is.
permalink 2TB on a USB stick?!
You've been had unless it's the size of Leeds. Sticks haven't got above 256GB yet. I agree with Mr Mick Toby here.
permalink I've seen USB leads
But I don't think I've seen a USB Leeds
permalink appears to be some kind of multi-volume archive
so giving a total of 2TB but asks for the next disk in the set if you go over the limit.