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there are dental whitening products that are triggered by (LED) light
is it possible that other products such as a glue would work under certain lighting conditions so that turning off the light (or vis-a-versa) would halt it's bonding compound?
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i think those lights are UV not LED so it'd be theoretically possible to have non-uv light on and it wouldn't set (or set more slowly)
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there are adhesives (including dental), inks and other things that can be cured by light.

Most of these have their photo-initiator (the chemical that sets the reaction going) in the UV range, usually tuned to UV discharge lamps. There's some that react to specific UV LEDs, and some that are sensitive to visible wavelength light (green through violet, the higher energy photon range)

Anyway, these are all near enough "instant" curing. It's possible to under cure, but usually doesn't happen. It would typically be very hard to partially cure, and partially curing, disassembling and reassembling, followed by further light, will not produce a viable bond- remember that if you're gluing things then one of the things needs to be transparent to the required wavelengths of light.

The reaction is irreversible- turning off the light does not mean the bond decomposes back to the original chemicals; indeed there is no viable way to return the cured material to the components.
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