thread Also, this, from B3ta:-
# There used to be a very funny ventriloquist
act on the 'alternative' circuit in the 80s called Dave Dudd and his Dead Dad. He had a life sized rotting corpse dummy. Brilliant...
I helped save b3ta! pxyzyzygy, Tue 11 Mar 2003, 13:58,

# bet his jokes
often died on stage. I wonder if he ever corpsed?
I helped save b3ta! witchy is covered in BEES, Tue 11 Mar 2003, 14:04,

# He worked both those lines
into his act...
I helped save b3ta! pxyzyzygy, Tue 11 Mar 2003, 14:07
permalink My most abiding memory of the one Reading festival I went to
98, I think? Was in one of the tents we saw David Devant and his Spirit Wife. Music was fine, but was struck me was the young lady, who's job was to spend the set grating carrots over a mannequin's head. As you do.
permalink Now there's a name from the past.
I saw him supporting - I think - The Wedding Present in New Cross Venue in 1995 or so. Very good they were. The Weddoes were, of course, magnificent.
permalink Didn't the singer
call himself The Vessel or summat equally odd?
permalink Apparently so
And still going!

permalink hahaha
fuck that was a long time ago.