thread Back at work.
What am I supposed to do here again?
permalink me too
on my own, doing all the shitty admin I've been putting off for 6 months.
permalink Yeah.
I'm tidying up (physically and virtually), and getting some stuff of the guilt-list.
permalink A chunk of my New Year's Day Sardu for lunch.
First time I've made Sardu. Damn, that is satisfying shit to cook and to eat.
permalink I have just had to send an email asking for an explanation of something
that was explained to me twice before Christmas but I've completely forgotten.

Luckily they'd promised to email me the details and never did, only explained it by phone, so I don't look like too much of an arse.
permalink I'm not sure if I should procrastinate now
Or after I've showered.
permalink Probably best not to commit to a procrastination time
until after you've had lunch. And done the crossword.
permalink it's a jigsaw today....
permalink Don't finish it
you stinker.
permalink Piss about on the net,
mess with your phone, nip off to the loo for a long wank. Tomorrow too.
permalink Check... check...
Went for lunch...

Are you back from Napoli?
permalink Got back last night.
TOP trip.
permalink I'm working from my in-laws
I've managed to make a web page with five tabs on it. No content, just the tabs.
permalink Fuck knows!
Mind you, I'm not back till the 14th. So at least there's that
permalink Well that was fun.
Me: Hello?
Telemarketer: Hello, I’m ringing about the accident you had recently
Me: (in a quiet, creepy voice) What are you wearing?
Tm: What? I’m actually ringing you about the accident you had recently.
Me: Yes. But first, what are you wearing?
Tm: Erm...
Me: Is it silk? I like silk. But I hate man made fibres. They make me mad.
Tm: [click]
permalink Good work
permalink i spent the afternoon wasting my time objecting to a planning applications
for a school building opposite my house...

i made it worth my while by saying that using the novelty dichromatic cladding panel to look innovative was the architectural equivalent of geography teacher trying to rap.

at least it might brighten someones day.
permalink fingers crossed they minute this in the planning committee meeting
permalink As you've objected
If you speak to your local councillor you can ensure they call it in to committee, at which point you're allowed to go and speak.

Although at the very least your comment should be recorded in the report by the officer
permalink There is zero chance of the concellors being seen
To object to a new school building... my best bet is that it doesn't get to committee on the first pass and the planning officer tells them to sort some aspects.... But frankly it's futile and we will have a steaming pile of mediocre crap on the street for the next few years.
permalink as in a building that is going to be a school
or was a school and is now going to be renovated?
permalink It was a school and they closed it
Now they are knocking the building down and a different school "the big creative academy" is building a whole new building.

Because after Brexit the number of people trained in circus skills and third rate video production in a plasterboard box is the major problem we are facing.
permalink kindo of ironic with you pushing for planning in a prior architect life
trying to prevent someone else's 'grand scheme'

*maybe confused with JoS (haven't seen him in ages)
permalink Well not really
Not all architecture is good, and this is a pup.

I wouldn't expect another architect to just sit back and not comment on something I was building outside their house...

Plus I suspect even this architect knows it's a pile of crap, they are being employed by the DfE frame work contractor.. which normally means you are appointed on the basis of doing what you are told to do.
permalink *waves*
permalink hey fella!
come back and see us sometime soon
permalink ^
permalink There appears to be a
temporary hiatus in the webnanny saying you're all "Adult Material"

I can't imagine it will last.
permalink Not with this bunch of MFCs, no.
How's life?