thread It's wiped out a few mates here
I've had a few days of coughing and wheezing... added to my back being out-ish and last night's 5.5hours of lying in bed not being able to sleep... My new years plan of being healthier are not really coming true
permalink Urk. I did manage a couple of hours' kip.
Thurs morning at work I had to ring a customer and immediately started wheezing at them, both blokes I 'spoke' to said 'you too, huh.'

At least it waited until NYD before getting bad though, silver linings and all that.
permalink I've had it since before Xmas.
It should be gone in the next few days, but it has been a motherfucker of a cold.
permalink I had it for a few days between xmas and new year
It was a right bastard.
permalink I only know a few folk who
HAVEN'T had owt over the last few days. I blame the russkies.
permalink i got the flu jab this year
i looked quizzickly at the gp and be basically said the new strain would probably kill me
(i think he was partly joking)
so far nothing
permalink What's going on with your health?
If you're that fragile you definitely don't want what's been going around.
permalink oh it's just complications from my pancreatitis where a bunch of other organs have chipped in
i probably weigh less than you if it wasn't for this oedema i'm carrying right now
permalink Yikes,
are you going to improve?
permalink hell yes!
couple of months i'll be back to marathon training ;)
permalink Good good :)
permalink I got offered one as I have epilepsy
But it was by my grotty local pharmacy and ive got no wish to have an injection by them... Plus was just before Xmas and they can knock you sideways for a few days