thread Nanny State is ALL
the lovely as long as you like hoppy ales. Adnams Ghost Ship is excellent even on tap and tesco do a 'cider' by Sheppeys which is fucking lovely. My local now does 3 different types of alcohol free, yay them.
permalink Big Drop is also good.
Ghost Ship isn't low alcohol...
permalink big drop stout gets recommended all the time
and even made silver up against 'real' stouts!
it's a quid at tescos at the moment
permalink Alcohol free Ghost Ship is ;)
£1.30 in tesco and if you're feeling flush £4 fucking 40 in the Old Ticket Office in Cambridge Station.
permalink At the moment, Brewdog are also doing Raspberry Blitz
"alcohol free raspberry sour ale"

If that rocks one's boat.
permalink TBH,
I'm not sure if I want to drink near beers. I've tasted Nanny State and hated it (and I do love a good hoppy ale), and there's one by Thornbridge that was bloody awful. I think they just make one want a proper drink. Nah, I'm going to do tea and my own homemade cordials from now until the 4th of Feb.

Like I say, having the occasional spliffette helps, even if it's a just a one-skinner, with a tiny sprinkle of hashish at the tip. Just enough to dull the pain in my foot, and give a mild buzz for a short while.
permalink Yeah... I think a lot of them are actually very good...
... but may make one pissed off that they're not the real thing. Because one is a booze-hound.

Nanny State is nice. But I understand the disappointment.

I'm only going for "Moist January"... ie definitely not dry, but hopefully less sodden than usual.
permalink our dry january has so far just described the type of prossecco we are drinking
permalink I did not have an alcoholic beverage at all yesterday
I think, for the first time in over a month. Oops. From here on in, January is certainly not going to be dry, but maybe just moist, rather than drenched
permalink it's just a mindset thing
i drink them for the bitter taste after doing something physically taxing