thread Whatever happened to vbloke here?
He just posted a recipe on Reddit, and I think it might be a work of art

or an abomination. I can't decide.

Soreen bread and butter pudding

permalink i vote abomination
but then i'm not a bread and butter pudding fan.. and dont' really like sorreen.

the only B&B pudding i ever liked was made with croissants and double cream... it was a cafe that used left over breakfast croissants... and a shitload of cream.
permalink I'll have your portion then.
Soreen is fab and b&b pud is yum too. Not sure I'd combine the two but I'd definitely give it the taste test.
permalink ^^ this ^^
You bunch of heathens
permalink I'm with alistair
permalink I'm with you both.
Morning all.
permalink oh.. i wasn't expecting company
*ties up dressing gown*
permalink *climbs quietly back into wardrobe*
permalink hmmm.

btw i am in a bit of a man-flu induced youtube binge, i can imagine you enjoying this pleasingly angry electrical engineer.

a random selection

permalink Ooooh.... I'll have a look at him later!
permalink It looks like
a square sausage lasagne.
permalink now you're talking.
permalink shit yes.
I may have to make that sometime.
permalink I'd wait
until you're ready to die.
permalink Die happy
permalink I could take that on.
With training and preparation.
permalink Is the sausage replacing the meat
Or the pasta?
permalink possibly both,.
permalink with nice thick slices of cheese in between.
oven baked.
permalink Then battered and deep-fried
permalink or in a pie casing
instead of the usual macaroni / mutton
permalink To my mind,
the sausage replaces the meat, but the final layer is meat.
permalink I think it's
meat, pasta, cheese, repeat to desired depth.
permalink This calls for a bash
permalink I'll bring
the defibrilator.
permalink Cheese sauce, cheese on top.
Otherwise it's not lasagne.
permalink I meant cheese sauce. I'm not a complete heathen.
I think it should be a very very cheesy sauce though.
permalink No, just no.
Don't like Soreen, don't like BBP, though I used to make a cheese and bacon savoury BBP which was ALL teh lovely.
permalink I think I boiked at that on FB
I'm not a great fan of B&BP, and whilst I do love malt loaf, not in a B&BP thank you very much
permalink do you have a link?
i do like soreen squidgy goodness*.. toasted on one side with butter
though i'd prefer a proper jamacian spiced bun

*quite high in protein
permalink Toasted malt loaf
what madness is this? Doesn't that destroy the squishiness?
permalink toasted malt loaf is amazing
bit like a hot cross bun or currant teacake.
permalink indeed.. it's all about the textures and mouth feel
and at the moment at 50p a loaf.. quite a bargain
permalink snow!
snow everywhere.

disclaimer: may be somewhere colder than UK
permalink Colombia?
permalink not quite, but one of their key export areas
Zurich. This evening we were taken to an all-you-can-eat veggie indian buffet place. I say all you can eat, once I filled my first plate I was directed to place it on a set of scales which printed me a receipt. £24. There was no second plate.

Yesterday I was taken to an all-you-can-eat veggie indian buffet place in London. £7. No scales. Infinite plates. Better food.
permalink Ahhh. Switzerland.
Amazing, beautiful country.

Unfortunately inhabited by the Swiss, who are an utter bunch of cunts.
permalink See I'd agree that almost all the Swiss I've met outside Switzerland
have been nobbers

But almost everyone I've met here on my several trips have been lovely

Although all Swiss children/teenagers appear to be spoilt brats, which is possibly why they still have national service
permalink the teenagers slinging drugs usually have a waft of 80's americana suburbs
about them
it's quite humorous in a repoMan kind of way
permalink in that sense, aren't all restaurants "all you can eat"
I mean you can order as much as you like in most places.
permalink Yeah I was just mis-sold
And a buffet by weight is obviously to be faced with planning and tactics
permalink they're really popular in Brazil
beans and meat are cheap, but pretty heavy and filling. Kilo restaurants.
permalink the veggie aspect is a twist
i suspect i'd be goingheavy on bhajis and samosas, then your masalla chaat type bean curries.

and then chapatis perhaps over rice... tough call.

i might have to try a few different stratetgies
permalink Having spent yesterday dibbling about a snowy alp
And returning to somewhere that now seems very cheap, I may just have rendered the Heathrow T5 Wagamama temporarily out of stock
permalink I don't remember eating this.
Found in our toilet this evening.

permalink Cute!
permalink have you named it?
permalink I've spent the last half an hour trying to think of reptile /poop
Pun names

But I've failed... If it was a stick insect I might have something...

If it was posted on social media maybe the sub headline could be "you know those nature documentary pictures where the alligator looks like a log..."
permalink He's a monitor lizard
So you could ask if he was monitoring my "movements".
permalink I think yer bog needs
permalink Dammit