thread Tell you what though,
not eating meat definitely has its merits, avoiding lunch in a terrible restaurant that does close to fuck all veggie stuff with one’s team being one of them.
permalink We're having lebanese in the office, but not until 4pm.
In the meantime, client has lengthy conversations to agree scope, client tries to change scope at the first sight of the end result, I say no. Account manager says the client has had a rough ride since they joined us and what can we do. I've so far restrained myself from writing back 'dont' you think that might be his fault, not ours?'
permalink If it wasn't for clients,
most people's jobs would be so much easier.
permalink I often say working at a university would be inestimably easier
if we just got rid of the students

which I always suspected was the attitude of the staff back when I was one myself
permalink brexit might actually fix that for some pople
permalink Pople!
A cross between popes and popples

permalink Are you trying to sell tofu to me
by claiming I can blame avoiding my co-workers on my diet choices?

I'm asking, because it's working.
permalink Yes.
permalink I'll meal prep some tufo on monday using this recipe
I've tried it before and it's rather good.
Would probably work with paneer as well.
permalink Nom!
There's a few tofu recipes on our site:-
permalink today we made haggis gyoza and spring rolls
for tomorrows haggistravaganza

they look good. the little pre-made pastry (?) things were very good.
permalink Haggis Gyoza,
great Peel Session etc etc.
permalink Nothing to do with meat
I've had a week of training on how to properly use the printing press I work on, delivered by the head trainer who is a little "unreconstructed" to say the least* and VERY VERY LOUD

*Though remain, thankfully- he might be a sexist racist homophobic but he recognises how good the EU is for our business
permalink are you working on inky stuff now?

permalink been on inky stuff
for about three years
permalink I'm afraid I've not been keeping track
I thought it was glue

.walks around for a bit
permalink I had a pint of ale tonight,
and it was ALL teh lovely. I made it last 90 minutes and will have no more.
permalink I'm sure you could ignore the lunch invite
Even if you were still full carnivore...

In other news, knackered after mountain race at the weekend. And it is very warm, and only getting hotter. 33° tomorrow apparently. Fuck. Thanks Australia...thralia