thread I'm reducing my arthritis drugs
so I'm strongly hoping to feel exactly the same. My plantar faciitis is giving my gip though.
permalink downward dog
is the thing that fixed my plantar
permalink Ooh, plantar fascists are horrible
Rolling the arch with a ball (lacrosse balls are perfect) is good maintenance, although probably not if you're all ready fascistic
permalink Well normally I do calf stretches while I brush my teeth
but at the moment I'm using shampoo which you have to leave in for 3 minutes, so I'm brushing my teeth in the shower to waste time, and doing stretches at the same time is just crazy talk. It's very complicated you see.

But yes I have a spiky ball and stretches and orthotics and various things (what kind of weirdo has a lacrosse ball in the house?!)
permalink I only have a lacrosse ball
because I found one on sale in a running shop in Seattle as a massage/torture device. Plus my sports masseuse recommended them.

Mind you, what sort of weirdo brushes their teeth in the shower?
permalink Well, I agree on that one
but I don't get anywhere near 3 minutes just washing and doing my hair so drastic measures had to be taken. To be fair it didn't take long to get used to it.
permalink It's been such a long time
since I had enough hair to make it worth 3 minutes of attention!