thread this time of year I'm 70% another, especially cycling, and I need a tooth seeing to
apart from that, relatively good health all in all.
permalink i got a smart trainer this winter to try and get/keep some form over the winter
and i've committed to doing a rather long tour in march...

permalink how far?
I've been dragging myself out in the cold and haven't fallen back on the turbo yet. Yet.
permalink I'm assuming using a turbo
is the cycling equivalent of using a treadmill as a runner. i.e. fucking awful. No matter how shit the weather, I'd rather run outside than on a dreadmill
permalink ive got one of those zwift things so
you ride a virtual course with the hills making the turbo go harder.. it's much much better than just a trainer. slighty adictive if anything. and the alternative is rain and the dark etc.

I used to run in winter in my brief stint of running, but cycling you need a couple if hours for a decent ride and it can be just shit in traffic in the wet
permalink you could get the full experience
by getting amy to run next to you every so often on a treadmill screaming in your ear while trailing a basque flag
permalink for my tour i'm making it more realistic by adding my panniers and racks
and filling them with weights
permalink Nice rack!
*twiddles moustache*
permalink at least its your own bike
it can be a bit shit but nice to binge a whole load of netflix or tother.
permalink it's not fun
but it's handy for quick HIIT before breakfast
permalink barcelona to london
1k miles
permalink cool
over how long?
permalink 2 weeks ish
permalink I'm hoping that the cross Channel part
is on a pedalo?
permalink only if we miss the ferry
permalink iian sinclair went up the thames from hastings on a swan pedalo
some kind of protest about the east-end 'rejuvenation'
looks like they had fun..