thread Well normally I do calf stretches while I brush my teeth
but at the moment I'm using shampoo which you have to leave in for 3 minutes, so I'm brushing my teeth in the shower to waste time, and doing stretches at the same time is just crazy talk. It's very complicated you see.

But yes I have a spiky ball and stretches and orthotics and various things (what kind of weirdo has a lacrosse ball in the house?!)
permalink I only have a lacrosse ball
because I found one on sale in a running shop in Seattle as a massage/torture device. Plus my sports masseuse recommended them.

Mind you, what sort of weirdo brushes their teeth in the shower?
permalink Well, I agree on that one
but I don't get anywhere near 3 minutes just washing and doing my hair so drastic measures had to be taken. To be fair it didn't take long to get used to it.
permalink It's been such a long time
since I had enough hair to make it worth 3 minutes of attention!