thread In a somewhat familiar theme of late round here
Friday morning began with reading a message that my former Ph.D. supervisor, who then became my boss for the 10 years I worked in Cambridge has dropped dead of a heart attack, at 58.

Fuck. And he was always the fittest bastard, played really competitive squash etc etc. Flipping hell. And although we had our differences, returning to Cambridge always involved popping up to have a chat and shoot the breeze with him. Always thought I'd be doing that for years...

I'm not sure I really have an AQ...other than how's the snow?
permalink Light but cold.
Touch wood, I don't know anyone who has dropped dead recently..

permalink That's a bit rubbish.
It barely snowed. Grass was still poking through, if I was a child this wouldn't have counted as snow. But the buses stopped and schools closed.
permalink Oh shit man,
I'm sorry to hear that.

*backslappy manhug*

Cold and melty. I can't feel my toes.
permalink Ah shit. that's no age
and quite the shock.

Heading to York tomorrow for a driving day on Sunday... barley a smattering from 2 days ago in narrch but taking a BMW Z4 up north is starting to concern me a touch.
permalink Very very sad news about Jeremy Hardy too.
A truly great bloke, a real hero of mine. Brave, clever, compassionate and very very funny.
permalink i'll be having strong words with tabz
that's a real shitter, he was fantastic... and easily had another 30 years of radio comedy still in him.

permalink Absolutely this.
permalink Yeah very sad
Didn't get to hear much of his radio stuff of late. But was really sad when he left the Grauniad. Didn't always agree with him, but very funny and thoughtful.
permalink his singing in ISIHAC was one of the best things on radio
permalink Oh indeed.
permalink really good interview with him on this podcast
permalink oh bugger
i always enjoyed his bits.. surprised he didn't get on the tv more
permalink Awful shite
Rather sums up both bits
permalink sorry to hear that.. i was reading somewhere that treatment for high blood pressure
can be actually detrimental to the killer aspects of the disease (even though it looks good bringing down the symptoms)
the european (i think french) system is to prevent the killer aspects first then through diet work on the other symptoms

but it kind of explains these folk that aren't that old but out-of-the-blue collapse/stroke/die
weird.. should look into a bit more really