thread He spread her story to a group of people
who wouldn't otherwise have seen it, and he's talking about her.

Surely that was the whole point of the fake tattoo, to get people talking about it? She succeeded.
permalink This
very much
permalink And what did that achieve?
More people think she’s a twat. Doesn’t gain her any money and/or useable publicity.

That old saw about any publicity being good publicity is in fact bollocks. I mean, I'm sure Liam Neeson wishes he kept his mouth shut today. I can see his point in saying it, but what did he expect? Knees jerk left right and centre, and suddenly he's the worst kind of racist, even though he actually isn't.
permalink apparently it indicates that everyone is latently racist
I'm sure I have subconscious bias, but I'm not sure it's ever led to me waiting outside a pub with a cosh, that I remember
permalink I'm pretty sure I can be
prone to subconscious bias, but I do my absolute level best not to, and when I catch myself doing it I try not to bang on about it in a way that makes me sound like some sort of ultraviolent white supremacist thug.
permalink Yeah cos unique view to her twitter
isn't usable.
permalink Yeah, right.
Numbers make it aaaallll better.