thread Happy birthday to me
And you lot are in need of cheering up.
Am I?

Edit: yeah totally up the duff.
permalink Like I said on the twitters
We’re not allowed in the same county. You’re cleared.
permalink happy birthday indeed
go you!
permalink Wootity wooot!
Yayity yay!
And hoopity hoopla!

Happy birthday!
permalink Orbit completion felicitations, lovely lady!
Also, how is babby formed?
permalink By trying really hard
And some top notch sexy times.
permalink Aha, I see...
*points at nose*
*points at Jiva*
permalink Fabulous :-)
Oh, and happy birthday!
permalink wooooooooooooooo
permalink Congrats and well done on your ever so subtle hints before today ;)
And happy birthday!
permalink I'm sure if someone added up
twitter and here and facebook some might have had an inkling or two
permalink Just here would do it,
if one was paying attention :)
permalink Happy Everything!

Spent yesterday at the Integrated Systems Europe trade show and am knackered. Should pop back this morning before flying back to London this afternoon, but right now I've got as fa as eating pancakaes, drinking coffee, and going, "ow, my legs hurt"...
permalink oohh was a benQ stand there
because I have a friend from Norwich working in Amsterdam at a trade show too.
He's called Lee Dent-Jones
go say hi! He used to work with Scotty
permalink It'll be the same show.
I just have a couple of specific people to see to=his morning then I'm done. If I see BenQ and it's not too busy, I'll see if he's about.

After yesterday's marathon, I'm trying to minimise today's dealings with the place!
permalink I haven't been to schipol for a while..
I was at a design trade show today, there were a few people punting OLED Ulta thin light fittings.. I shall have to see if you think there is anything worth looking at.

It was very odd being in the building design centre in angel without a stinking hangover.. which is usually where we are after the design awards.
permalink Surface Show, huh?
I've spoken at that a couple of times but I don't go otherwise.

Ignore OLED. Great technology for displays but hasn't fulfilled early promise for lighting. Nowhere near efficient enough to fit within regs cleanly, too fragile unless you bulk it up with thick glass or plastic for protection, at which point why bother. Not long-enough lasting. You can't make big bits of it, so things always end up very panelised.

If you want something ultra-thin, it is better achieved by edge-lighting into a plastic waveguide with closely-spaced low/mid power LEDs.

A gimmick, really. Mostly it's gone away, but there are a few twats still pushing it.
permalink Noted.. I can just ignore it all.
permalink BTW... you asked me about Casambi last year
They're finally getting around to making gateways so that you can connect it to other things... so it's getting more useful.

I still wouldn't generally go Bluetooth unless there's a compelling reason to be wireless... like retrofit where you can't get new control wiring in, etc. On a new build, or a rip-out refit why wouldn't you go wired?

Anyway... they are addressing some of the issues I pointed out last year.
permalink also did you see zaha hadid design
has launched a sportswear brand of lycra stuff.

can you imagine...
permalink FFS
permalink Happy biffdy

If you were a sommelier for apple based beverages

Would you be a cider decider?

And if you were standing next to such a person....
permalink ...and if you had all the gossip from the industry of apple based beverage sommeliering...
permalink After tasting the meat pies,
The lovely Samantha said she liked Mr Dewhurst's beef in ale; although she far preferred his tongue in cider.
permalink It's amazing what ISIHAC gets away with in those gags
for something that goes out on a Saturday lunchtime (among other times)
permalink While Jack Dee has done a good job of it,
Humph was just masterly when he delivered those lines.
permalink There was an hour long
compiled Samantha (as it were) on the You Tubes. Which has much arfage.
permalink Splendid!
permalink Samantha and Sven
I should of course have said...

I am now tittering like a loon listening to that again

Samantha has to nip out to meet her new footballer friend. He's very busy, playing the first and second rounds of an international, but there should just be time to give him a quick kiss between the legs...
permalink Samantha has to nip out
to take her German Shepherd to the park to give him a stroke while he licks her face and pants..
permalink sweet!
permalink Happy Birthday to woo!
permalink whoop! everything coming up jiva*
hope you've still got the receipt for the sportscar

*as it were
permalink It’s got isofix
So we’re probably keeping it. It’s the 2nd car so I can send him off with child when I need a nap
permalink Yay! Well done.
When's it due?
permalink Late
permalink have you seen
Prevenged? you have to see it now.. with the bf
then you can always claim he's getting off lucky when you ask for white chocolate kitkats dipped in tartare sauce (or whatever you get a jonesing for) at 3am

hope you had a great b'day too!