thread Surface Show, huh?
I've spoken at that a couple of times but I don't go otherwise.

Ignore OLED. Great technology for displays but hasn't fulfilled early promise for lighting. Nowhere near efficient enough to fit within regs cleanly, too fragile unless you bulk it up with thick glass or plastic for protection, at which point why bother. Not long-enough lasting. You can't make big bits of it, so things always end up very panelised.

If you want something ultra-thin, it is better achieved by edge-lighting into a plastic waveguide with closely-spaced low/mid power LEDs.

A gimmick, really. Mostly it's gone away, but there are a few twats still pushing it.
permalink Noted.. I can just ignore it all.
permalink BTW... you asked me about Casambi last year
They're finally getting around to making gateways so that you can connect it to other things... so it's getting more useful.

I still wouldn't generally go Bluetooth unless there's a compelling reason to be wireless... like retrofit where you can't get new control wiring in, etc. On a new build, or a rip-out refit why wouldn't you go wired?

Anyway... they are addressing some of the issues I pointed out last year.
permalink also did you see zaha hadid design
has launched a sportswear brand of lycra stuff.

can you imagine...
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