thread Tune of the day:-

Calvins, Passion Fruit Margaritas.
permalink I shall listen to that later
Um nothing*, Behemoth grapefruit IPA

*Home from weekend away, just out of shower. Enjoying last of the hot evening sun in the back garden, with just a sarong on
permalink Apologies
To anyone having breakfast
permalink lacking underwear too right now
went out for a ride in the cold and the rain and the wind. Got back, had a shower, had a hot chocolate, currently sat in dressing gown
permalink as ever, I am
of course naked.
permalink But of course
Makes those train journeys a bit more exciting!
permalink Which is exactly why I am not currently naked.
And, coincidentally, have just stopped at Newcastle!

permalink Proof, if it was needed
That the BBC news site has dumbed down

permalink ZOMG!!!
permalink Which reminds me,
there has been an increase in idiots entirely blocking the pavement when parking.

It annoys me but it's not really worth the police doing anything about.

I'm tempted to attach sharp things to the corners of the pram.
permalink we have that around here more as well
i've put it down the new cycle paths and shared surface road ends (where the road and pavement are level)
permalink Well, that
and people just beings cunts
permalink getting closer & closer to that
metro rag..
permalink I've vaguely contemplated adding a charging socket to my
mid 90s Astra.

That way I can park in electric car only parking bays which are invariably empty.

Then I got to thinking how I could get 10kwh worth of batteries in the car and charge them up, then I'd use barely any electric from the mains at home.
permalink I think you still pay for the power
from most of those things...

I give it 3 years and finding an electric car bay will be like hens teeth.
permalink Probably not
in Wigan.
permalink Have you seen the E-Golfs ZipCar have for flex use?
You don't have to park them in a charger space as that would be largely impossible in most places. Apparently they charge them during the night if needed. I've no idea how. Do they have magic charging vans or something?

They are hilariously good fun though. Fairly small, as it's a Golf, nice tight steering, insane acceleration as it's all-electric. Basically, it's a go-kart.
permalink I believe they have a team of folk (on scooters I think)
who drive them to fast charging points
permalink That would work
Fold-up scooters, stick them in the boot.

They're excellent fun. Except I only drive them around east London.

One of these days I'll blow a few quid and take one for a blast out to the motorway just for a laugh.
permalink oi you
if you fancy a gig tonight in east-ish london my mates are playing a gig in Dalston and i shall be there holding a beer.

permalink text if you see this, we are getting there for 8
permalink Sorry! I haven't looked at the Bo since yesterday morning...
Stupidly busy yesterday. And had an exhibition opening to be at last night...
permalink it was decent..
but i could hear my ears ringing while the band were still playing

which is probably not a good sign.
permalink i'd love to get an electric vespa but i've been warned
the ghost of my dad would haunt me (he was a rocker)!
permalink Mrs Me
had one of them, but it was shite. Battery didn't last pissing time, it conked out on a steep hill, and then its brakes failed on a busy intersection, dumping her in the road, breaking fingers, and scaring the shit out of her.
permalink ouchie ouch!
how long ago was this.. as they've improved quite a bit lately?
(and the vespa version is just coming out)
permalink A good 8 or 9
years ago
permalink This is basically my new job.
I work for a startup providing a map of charging points across Europe, and you can see the current status of charging points (available, occupied, offline, etc) and start/stop the charging as well as pay through the app.

Most of them charge per minute or per kWh but some are free.

I'm not sure about ZipCar but there's a similar service here in Berlin and they have their own depot where they can charge the cars when needed but they do use the public chargers too.
permalink I spend a fair bit of time talking to e-vehicle folk
as I have to model uptake/charging profiles to determine network reinforcement levels

the people at conferences are always men in suits discussing how they charge at home and work, with their private driveways and work charging points

I point out that I live in a 3rd floor flat with no private parking, and no guarantee I can even park within 100m of my flat if I want to, but would gladly buy an EV right now if I could charge it. There are millions like me. What's their business plan for us?

The EV future is bright and glossy but unfortunately it's all led by the car manufacturers, and right now they can't produce them fast enough for the monied driveway-owning classes, so little proper thought is really being given to true mass usage, despite the technology being completely proven.

Basically every streetlight needs to be a slow charging point, and every supermarket / public car parking bay a fast-charging point.

(I also went to a national grid resilience event recently, and they're slightly terrified of what an EV future means for blackout planning)
permalink I suspect once there is a half decent take-up
people like NCP / siansburies etc witll just fill their car parks with them.

plus as you say, streetlamps seems an obvious solution.

I'm guessing that as a city dweller you aren't doing a huge number of miles, half an hour in sainsburies car park a week would probably do you fine.

permalink yeah but that's a catch-22
people won't buy unless there's sufficient charging infrastructure, and the charging infrastructure won't exist unless enough people buy

over in the continent I've seen an increasing number of employers offering free workplace charging as an employment benefit, and I suspect that will catch on here shortly - and like you say the supermarkets are already gearing up to use it as a shopping incentive

streetlights are the obvious infrastructure point for on-street charging but using them in this manner means £100bns spent on recabling every street in the country

the other big social issue is how we avoid a two-tier system with monied urbanites able to cover the capital costs getting effectively free fuel, and rural poor running old carswith rapidly increasing tax and petrol costs - especially with the potential extent of the 2nd hand EV market as yet unknown. It has the potential to be all very regressive
permalink if/when EVs really get going
the closure rate for petrol stations will ramp up, reducing economies of scale in distribution.

But then city dwellers, especially the poor, are far less likely to have access to any sort of car. Glasgow is the biggest on this- slightly over 50% of households have no car (it's under 50%, just, in the leafy south and north west of the city).

Norway's been going hard in electric cars by providing massive subsidies, but they can afford to. Although they will probably have to kick them out of the buslanes soon. And the subsidies only help people buying a new car, by bringing the cost of an EV down to that of an equivalent fossil fuel car.

permalink I still see the major problem
Even bigger than the charging infrastructure being whether we can realistically build enough of the buggers to replace all the vehicles with ICEs in them. My guess is no. Particularly on the battery front.

I'd rather we got on with tackling this in other ways too. Like massive CCS. Because we're still going to be burning lots of fossils fuels for the next 50 years, whether people like it or not.
permalink agreed on the geoengineering challenge
there is no route to averting climate disaster that doesn't include biofuels and CCS on a massive scale - it's not just the emissions we could do something about, it's the ones already in the atmosphere and the future ones we cannot ameliorate
permalink Yes but as CJ pointed out
There is already spare infrastructure. Not everywhere but it is there and it's pretty visible as well.

As I see it, the number of people without off-street parking who also do a lot of miles , and also don't park in the work car park, NCP regularly is relatively small. Remember that Glasgow and Edinburgh are pretty unique in thier adoption of tenement flats. And while terraced houses have a similar problem, there is more space to solve it.

permalink The streetlight thing is a bit of a red herring...
It's an obvious bit of infrastructure mechanically speaking, ie to stick a charge point on, but as you say... huge recabling required.

People assume that since there's electricity in there anyway it's easy, which is just not true... a lamp-post is no more use for putting EV charge points on than a bollard really. There's nowhere near enough power available in streetlighting circuits, plus some of them are switched externally to the lamp-post, so the power isn't even on if it's not dark. Plus most of them are on unmetered supplies, paid for by local authorities... not deals which allow for the sort of consumption EV charging would involve...

Also... lampposts are quite often at the back of the pavement, not at the kerb-edge... mainly to reduce the likelihood of them being demolished by vehicles. You can't really have EV charge points at the back of the pavement... cables strewn across the pedestrian route as cars charge... that's not going to work.

So yes... resolving not just the electrical infrastructure but also the commercial situations to make lamp-posts into charge points would be phenomenally expensive, complicated and take FOREVER. Most councils take months to change lamps in streetlights, let alone do anything more complicated.

I'm sure that some street lighting columns will be installed that incorporate EV points, but using existing streetlighting infrastructure doesn;t really make much sense - I suspect it'll be less cost and effort to just put dedicated points in where you actually want them and ignore the streetlights.
permalink well we're committed to almost total transport decarbonisation by 2045
which implies total extinction of the ICE in the UK, which in turn means that unless we drastically change the nature of vehicle ownership, everywhere that a car was parked last night there needs to be a charger

I'm not promoting lamp posts as technically suited, just an item of street furniture that could be used as housing rather than taking up even more pavement space. Bins, bollards, anything you could potentially get a charging circuit into, it will all need to be used. All points on expense and difficulty acknowledged. Councils come very quickly on board with anything that gets them revenue.

It's either that or hydrogen fuel cells, which nobody seems hugely keen on yet (though I have an inkling Honda may be about to change opinion on that in the way Tesla has).
permalink I'd question the idea that they need to be charged
Every night. With a 200 mile range (and by 2047 surely well be up over 300-400) you'll be charging half the cars less than once per week.

My thinking is that most people use their cars to go somewhere and putting power in that somewhere is going to be much easier than doing every street in the country

But yes youd also hope car ownership model has radically shifted by that time as well.
permalink they don't need to be charged every night at all, no
but in order to persuade people to move from ICE to EV you need to take the baseline that, as with ICE, everyone expects to be able to charge and travel freely. In the same respect as cars spend 95% of the time switched off and sitting still, yet that doesn't mean we can get rid of 19 out of 20 cars.

I might not need my car tomorrow to do anything more than go to the supermarket, but I want to be able to drive to Lands End if I suddenly decide to - and that is the consumer expectation, based on what they already have, and the evidence is very very few people are willing to concede on that flexibility, as that is one of the main reasons people have for owning personal transportation over using public transport
permalink I tend to agree with this.
Supermarkets, stations, shopping centres, hotels, city centre car parks... these are places people drive to and spend long enough at to get a decent charge in. All monetisable too.
permalink Nobody will need to own a car
once self-driving uber-style takes off. It'll be cost-effective and convenient, you'll never have to charge it or clean it or repair it.
permalink We are on the same wavelength
I think there's a massive opportunity for someone in coming up with what will become the "standard" object... in a range of form factors, housing the same guts and interface. Pole-mount for lighting columns, signposts, etc, self-contained in a bollard, wall-mounting box, etc... and in a way that can easily take "clip-on" (not literally) trims for pseudo-historical styling (like the lamp-posts on University Avenue round your way... those are a simple tubular steel pole with the usual hatch containing the fused cut-out etc, then with a FUCKING HUGE stuck-on decoratuve cover in two halves stuck on it.

At the moment, there are loads of different designs, mostly ugly, and not in any way comaptible with other street furniture or able to be integrated into a pleasingly coherent streetscape.

Just round the corner from here are the biggest ugliest iones I've seen yet. Must take a photo.

(oh.. and those poles on University Aveneue... people think they're proper Victoriana... I remember them being installed when I was at Uni in about 1989...)
permalink Of course there's extremists
who would like to get rid of almost every on-street parking space. One of the worst public policy non-decisions was allowing it in the first place

permalink alot of the e-bikes and scooters have battery packs that can removed to be charged at home
or in the office
even city cars like the biro* have a little unit on wheels you can recharge somewhere else

*you wouldn't really want to motorway travel in it though
permalink I’ve just realised I have a Bacon number of 3.
I was an extra in Excalibur, which also starred Liam Neeson, who was in Les Miserables with Uma Thurman who was in Tremors with Kevin Bacon.

As you were.
permalink that's quite something! not on the same level but i was waiting in the same airport room as him
he kept perving at my ex.. which she enjoyed
permalink I am also 3
was in the background of Dirty Pretty things which starred Chewetel Ejiofor, who was in Love Actually with January Jones, who was in Xmen 1st Class with Mr Bacon
permalink No idea on my Bacon number, but certainly much higher!
I was at uni with someone who was an extra in Excalibur too. Although there's probably lots of people in south Dublin/north Wicklow that were. He was from Bray
permalink I was between jobs,
and a friend from Bray who worked on the horses on the film got me the extra job. It was good fun; turn up, mill about, eat, smoke, mill about a bit more, get paid quite well, fuck off home.

I think you can see me in my green tabard and brown tights for about 3 frames somewhere near the end of the film. I was probably leering at Cherie Lunghi.

permalink I've just found out I'm 5'10" not 5'11" as i've beleived for the last 25 years
I wonder if i just exagerated then or if i've shrink.

still an inch taller than they measured me in the hospital which make my BMI look a lot worse.
permalink there can easily be
a couple of cm difference between your height when you first get out of bed after sleeping and your height after a day spent sitting and standing
permalink I shall report back tomorrow
permalink As I have found when in the past I've been to an osteopath
when I was having back issues

Got back in the car and had to rearrange the rear view mirror, as I was probably a cm or two taller than when I went in
permalink i'm only 0.5cm taller in the morning.
permalink I'm so sorry to
hear that
permalink Thoughts
and prayers
permalink my bmi is ridiculous.. it was 1.1
but then they got my height right and it's 1.. haha!
permalink Um, what?
Given a BMI under 18.5 is underweight, is it actually possible to have a BMI of 1?

I mean, it is, if you were 2 m tall and weighed 4 kg, but I'm pretty sure that's not a thing
permalink not sure what scale they were using
maybe it's not conventional.. what IS a conventional scale?
permalink Using normal units
BMI = weight in kg/(height in m)²

I'd have to look up how you do it in yank
permalink well using the nhs one i get 13.8
but then it says don't rely on this due to the level of weight

wonder what the hell they used before..
permalink Dunno
Well, 13.8 is certainly extremely low, but at least it sounds physically possible.

Eat some pies lad! ;-)
permalink i'm eating ALL of teh pies
and teh cheesecakes.. pizzas.. curries..
permalink Good, good
Keep it up.

As it were.
permalink 1
Was just the doctor drawing you side on to scale.

permalink hah!
permalink seriously?!
did you hear the new Test Dept. track Landlord pretty good and a gig in march sometime
merino thermals, new york cheesecake, freshly blitzed watermelon juice
permalink Sounds like a festival line up
And coming up later on the Other Stage are the Merino Thermals, followed by New York Cheesecake and Freshly Blitzed. But first, give it up, for Watermelon Juice!
permalink Only gigs I've got lined up are
Giorgio Moroder and UNKLE in April.

But I saw the Residents the other week and they were excellent.

And yes, seriously. TOP tune, especially as they're making a Pretenders track listenable.
permalink It's not bad, now I've gotten around to listening to it
Although I have no special hate for the Pretender's earlier cover either.

The Test Dept track ain't bad either. Here, if anyone cares:

This morning, I have however, mostly been listening to jaunty surf rock:
permalink Ooh,
there's also some Stockhausen:- https://www.southbankc...