thread Have you seen the E-Golfs ZipCar have for flex use?
You don't have to park them in a charger space as that would be largely impossible in most places. Apparently they charge them during the night if needed. I've no idea how. Do they have magic charging vans or something?

They are hilariously good fun though. Fairly small, as it's a Golf, nice tight steering, insane acceleration as it's all-electric. Basically, it's a go-kart.
permalink I believe they have a team of folk (on scooters I think)
who drive them to fast charging points
permalink That would work
Fold-up scooters, stick them in the boot.

They're excellent fun. Except I only drive them around east London.

One of these days I'll blow a few quid and take one for a blast out to the motorway just for a laugh.
permalink oi you
if you fancy a gig tonight in east-ish london my mates are playing a gig in Dalston and i shall be there holding a beer.

permalink text if you see this, we are getting there for 8
permalink Sorry! I haven't looked at the Bo since yesterday morning...
Stupidly busy yesterday. And had an exhibition opening to be at last night...
permalink it was decent..
but i could hear my ears ringing while the band were still playing

which is probably not a good sign.
permalink i'd love to get an electric vespa but i've been warned
the ghost of my dad would haunt me (he was a rocker)!
permalink Mrs Me
had one of them, but it was shite. Battery didn't last pissing time, it conked out on a steep hill, and then its brakes failed on a busy intersection, dumping her in the road, breaking fingers, and scaring the shit out of her.
permalink ouchie ouch!
how long ago was this.. as they've improved quite a bit lately?
(and the vespa version is just coming out)
permalink A good 8 or 9
years ago