thread I believe they have a team of folk (on scooters I think)
who drive them to fast charging points
permalink That would work
Fold-up scooters, stick them in the boot.

They're excellent fun. Except I only drive them around east London.

One of these days I'll blow a few quid and take one for a blast out to the motorway just for a laugh.
permalink oi you
if you fancy a gig tonight in east-ish london my mates are playing a gig in Dalston and i shall be there holding a beer.

permalink text if you see this, we are getting there for 8
permalink Sorry! I haven't looked at the Bo since yesterday morning...
Stupidly busy yesterday. And had an exhibition opening to be at last night...
permalink it was decent..
but i could hear my ears ringing while the band were still playing

which is probably not a good sign.