thread I've just found out I'm 5'10" not 5'11" as i've beleived for the last 25 years
I wonder if i just exagerated then or if i've shrink.

still an inch taller than they measured me in the hospital which make my BMI look a lot worse.
permalink there can easily be
a couple of cm difference between your height when you first get out of bed after sleeping and your height after a day spent sitting and standing
permalink I shall report back tomorrow
permalink As I have found when in the past I've been to an osteopath
when I was having back issues

Got back in the car and had to rearrange the rear view mirror, as I was probably a cm or two taller than when I went in
permalink i'm only 0.5cm taller in the morning.
permalink I'm so sorry to
hear that
permalink Thoughts
and prayers
permalink my bmi is ridiculous.. it was 1.1
but then they got my height right and it's 1.. haha!
permalink Um, what?
Given a BMI under 18.5 is underweight, is it actually possible to have a BMI of 1?

I mean, it is, if you were 2 m tall and weighed 4 kg, but I'm pretty sure that's not a thing
permalink not sure what scale they were using
maybe it's not conventional.. what IS a conventional scale?
permalink Using normal units
BMI = weight in kg/(height in m)²

I'd have to look up how you do it in yank
permalink well using the nhs one i get 13.8
but then it says don't rely on this due to the level of weight

wonder what the hell they used before..
permalink Dunno
Well, 13.8 is certainly extremely low, but at least it sounds physically possible.

Eat some pies lad! ;-)
permalink i'm eating ALL of teh pies
and teh cheesecakes.. pizzas.. curries..
permalink Good, good
Keep it up.

As it were.
permalink 1
Was just the doctor drawing you side on to scale.

permalink hah!