thread seriously?!
did you hear the new Test Dept. track Landlord pretty good and a gig in march sometime
merino thermals, new york cheesecake, freshly blitzed watermelon juice
permalink Sounds like a festival line up
And coming up later on the Other Stage are the Merino Thermals, followed by New York Cheesecake and Freshly Blitzed. But first, give it up, for Watermelon Juice!
permalink Only gigs I've got lined up are
Giorgio Moroder and UNKLE in April.

But I saw the Residents the other week and they were excellent.

And yes, seriously. TOP tune, especially as they're making a Pretenders track listenable.
permalink It's not bad, now I've gotten around to listening to it
Although I have no special hate for the Pretender's earlier cover either.

The Test Dept track ain't bad either. Here, if anyone cares:

This morning, I have however, mostly been listening to jaunty surf rock:
permalink Ooh,
there's also some Stockhausen:- https://www.southbankc...