thread We are on the same wavelength
I think there's a massive opportunity for someone in coming up with what will become the "standard" object... in a range of form factors, housing the same guts and interface. Pole-mount for lighting columns, signposts, etc, self-contained in a bollard, wall-mounting box, etc... and in a way that can easily take "clip-on" (not literally) trims for pseudo-historical styling (like the lamp-posts on University Avenue round your way... those are a simple tubular steel pole with the usual hatch containing the fused cut-out etc, then with a FUCKING HUGE stuck-on decoratuve cover in two halves stuck on it.

At the moment, there are loads of different designs, mostly ugly, and not in any way comaptible with other street furniture or able to be integrated into a pleasingly coherent streetscape.

Just round the corner from here are the biggest ugliest iones I've seen yet. Must take a photo.

(oh.. and those poles on University Aveneue... people think they're proper Victoriana... I remember them being installed when I was at Uni in about 1989...)