thread Fucking hell... I had to venture into unknown territory today.
St Albans... or more accurately, Radlett.

There be dragons.
permalink I quite like St Albans.
I think I've only been through Radlett on the train though (also I keep spelling it like raclette)
permalink Well, I got off there.
And went to an industrial estate.

Thrilling it wasn't.
permalink shame because Radlett
is where the main HK temple is. Its super lovely and great free food. If you dare wonder in.
permalink Couldn't be more diametrically oppsoed
to the cunts I had to go and visit.
permalink Snorbans is OK.
There's a very good Southern Indian curry house on... a street somewhere. Near a nice pub called something like The Fighting Cock.
permalink Not that near I'd guess,
ye olde fighting cocks is at the end of a dead end lane and is one of the many that claims to be the oldest continually running pub in Britain, or England, or whatever.
permalink Although everything in St Albans centre
is quite near.
permalink I went to a splendid party in
ye olde fighting cocks a couple of years ago.
permalink Also,
one of the best Full English brekkies. In some cafe or other.
permalink So that's a different one to the curry house once?
permalink I now think so.
permalink I have a vague recollection
that there were two
permalink It has just been explained to me
that while the pub and caff were in Snorbans, the curry house was in Hemel Hempstead, plus it was a different drunken weekend, though with the same guys.
permalink I went to the market there years ago
bought some cheese iirc
permalink I thought there had been an explosion nearby
There was a van with a massive hole in its side, it'd been stoved in. There was damage to the garden and house too, and it was to such an extent that i thought it must have been an explosion.

I just googled and a car had hit it, and there had been a chap on a mobility scooter on the pavement :(

permalink blimmy, that must have been going at a pace
or they fell asleep or somthing.

you aren't wrong about the van

permalink You can't really see it on the photos
but the entire windows in the bay window have been pushed along the house about a foot.
permalink I pass through there to mordor every so often
sorry.. not mordor,... Luton.
permalink Just ordered pizzas for collection.
I couldn't see the pizza shop I wanted to try on just-eat so googled "mamma mia pemberton". First hit is mamma mia on just-east, so I order. THEN notice it's in nottingham.

I got MrsJam to call up and cancel.
permalink I like Snorbens,
One of my local bezzies is from there and I used to have a customer there so many good nights were had.
permalink So... This released Indian pilot
Does he have the best moustache ever.

Or is it a beard?

Amy says it's a beard.. I disagree and think a beard has to touch the chin, or connect with the chops
permalink Surely he's going for a caricature of a ww2 pilot?
permalink Bit Bollywood.
permalink In Other News,
I made a Zang Tumb Tuum mix:-
permalink genuinely didn't know
if I was clocking on a link to a recipe or music
permalink Hahahahaaaaa!
Mrs Me said something similar.
permalink Also, this is what we invented last night:-
permalink I haven't thought of ZTT since the late 80's
Does it still exist?
permalink the record label?
yeah, there's 808 state and art of noise stuff for record store day
permalink Very cool
I was just listening to some Art of Noise the other day. still most excellent
permalink They are.
And mix nicely with Propaganda, FGTH, 808 State, and all sorts of cool stuff. Even Buggles.
permalink I have spent the day packing up my bike and my mates bike
Into cardboard boxes for a flight to Barcelona... Always a nerve wracking experience.

And as usual one of the pedals refused to come off...
permalink Building IKEA units
and caulking tiles here. Living the dream.
permalink I made 10 portions of meatballs in a spicy roast pepper sauce
to freeze in takeaway containers

nothing particularly clever or glamorous, but tastes absolutely amazing
permalink Amy is doing goat shanks I a red wine sauce
The sentence "I just took the lid off the goat" made me chuckle
permalink Sounds like bodacious skater/surfer speak
Whoa, dude, you see that wave that Todd caught? He totally took the lid off of that goat!
permalink Our braised kid* shanks
are in their third hour.

*Goat, not human
permalink We should have consulted each other
before posting
permalink yesterday
I painted all applicable surfaces of the new kitchen three times. Today I can't move.
permalink Snorbans is OK I guess
Certainly better than St Evenage
permalink Kaylee in a late episode of Castle