thread Tabz
Keith Flint. Really? Did you have to?
permalink bugger,
at uni we used to go to a kebab shop in edinburgh that was staffed by someone who looked exactly like him but about 60 years old.. he even had the hair... so maybe there is some sort of time machine shananigans going on.
permalink In the old Purple Turtle* in Reading
likewise, there was a 60 year old Keith-a-like. Mad tufty hair and all. But he did have an awesome dinosaur tat around on the top of his head too

*the proper scuzzy old place, not the new one.
permalink My wife's
brother's ex-wife's ex-husband's late Dad was in his 80s last time I met him, and he enthused hugely about The Prodigy. He'd seen them twice and played them all the time in the car.
permalink Splendid
Apart from the head-spinning familial relationship!
permalink My half step nieces in law
were there too.
permalink Argh!!!
*head asplodes*
permalink at least he didn't get onto
anything such as cousins beyond 1st
permalink Funnily enough,
I was talking about this with a relation on FB recently; we figured out we're second cousins once removed ie. his great grand father is my great uncle.

Here:- https://en.wikipedia.o...

There's also a whole branch of the family that are half cousins, ie. the kids of my dad's half brother. I go to Berlin every year or two to see my half first cousin, and sometimes his sister is there, with her kids, my half first cousins once removed, and last year the baby son of one of those kids, my half first cousin twice removed
permalink That helpful infographic
seems to have omitted "kissing cousins"
permalink 49. fucking hell.
permalink i never realised he went out with gail porter
permalink that's the late 90s in a nutshell
permalink I'm sure Dani Behr
should be involved somehow...
permalink Yeah... he was less than three months older than me.
Probably a little more dissolute though.
permalink I wonder what song they'll play at the crematorium...
permalink My brain doctor just told me
That it wasn't Lupus

They checked twice.
permalink But are they sure?
They should check a third time.
permalink I'd certainly tell them to
get 13 to check me over first, just to be sure
permalink Good things happen to good people
permalink Well that's the heartwarming thread I needed right now.
permalink Dusty in here
this morning
permalink Here too!
Funny that.
permalink I have to admit
I didn't think Weds would start with me sat in a dressing gown, sipping coffee and blubbing copiously at a twitter thread. But there you go...
permalink if you know your baby is a vomit machine on planes*
keep it inside a plastic bag ffs!

*why take infants on planes is beyond me.. it must kill their little noggins.. proper close to torture.. idiots
permalink From personal experience
it's because you have to pay for them once they're over 2 and there's not a lot of point til they're old enough to enjoy and remember it.
permalink Are you really allowed
to keep babies inside plastic bags?

I can see the cleanliness potential, but seems a little cruel
permalink It's ok as long as you have ventilation holes.
permalink maybe something like a turkey roasting bag
permalink Jayzuz,
Magenta Divine now. Man, I used to fancy her.
permalink Didn't we all
*has Def II flashbacks*
permalink i noes rite*.. another hospital related whoopsie.. but fucking hell this year has started badly
a mate was put in a coma in early jan and was finally let out a week ago
meanwhile a mate in scotland died after having an operation.. he was 39 and fit as a fiddle.. walking 20 miles a day for fun
last night my best and 1st friend i made coming back to UK was hit and run and he's been put in a coma as well.. and it looks bad
please just stop now one a month was plenty thanks..

*i did end up going with a look-a-likey (sans indoor shades thankgoodness) but maybe in the 90's that wasn't so rare ;)
permalink Mate, you have been in the wars.
Need to go for a drinkie some time soon?
permalink yeah we should
though it'll be non-alcoholic for me at the mo
permalink Bloody hell Riggers!
permalink Life certainly does like to pile on the shit in one go, doesn't it?
My partner and I have had to deal with 3 miscarriages over the past year, each time getting a little bit further along, just to really get our hopes up. Still, things could be a lot worse.

So yeah, have some internet hugs and I hope things get better before long.
permalink three man, fucking hell
same, keep strong man.
permalink Cheers, yeah it's been rough but
it's not the end of the road for us yet.
permalink oh man.. that is rough
all the best if you continue with it X
permalink Thanks.
They've been in the early stages so far, so it's been upsetting/disappointing but not totally devastating. Plus we already have one child together, so it could be worse.
permalink fucking hell dude
keep at it, we're here if it helps