thread bugger,
at uni we used to go to a kebab shop in edinburgh that was staffed by someone who looked exactly like him but about 60 years old.. he even had the hair... so maybe there is some sort of time machine shananigans going on.
permalink In the old Purple Turtle* in Reading
likewise, there was a 60 year old Keith-a-like. Mad tufty hair and all. But he did have an awesome dinosaur tat around on the top of his head too

*the proper scuzzy old place, not the new one.
permalink My wife's
brother's ex-wife's ex-husband's late Dad was in his 80s last time I met him, and he enthused hugely about The Prodigy. He'd seen them twice and played them all the time in the car.
permalink Splendid
Apart from the head-spinning familial relationship!
permalink My half step nieces in law
were there too.
permalink Argh!!!
*head asplodes*
permalink at least he didn't get onto
anything such as cousins beyond 1st
permalink Funnily enough,
I was talking about this with a relation on FB recently; we figured out we're second cousins once removed ie. his great grand father is my great uncle.

Here:- https://en.wikipedia.o...

There's also a whole branch of the family that are half cousins, ie. the kids of my dad's half brother. I go to Berlin every year or two to see my half first cousin, and sometimes his sister is there, with her kids, my half first cousins once removed, and last year the baby son of one of those kids, my half first cousin twice removed
permalink That helpful infographic
seems to have omitted "kissing cousins"