thread Good things happen to good people
permalink Well that's the heartwarming thread I needed right now.
permalink Dusty in here
this morning
permalink Here too!
Funny that.
permalink I have to admit
I didn't think Weds would start with me sat in a dressing gown, sipping coffee and blubbing copiously at a twitter thread. But there you go...
permalink if you know your baby is a vomit machine on planes*
keep it inside a plastic bag ffs!

*why take infants on planes is beyond me.. it must kill their little noggins.. proper close to torture.. idiots
permalink From personal experience
it's because you have to pay for them once they're over 2 and there's not a lot of point til they're old enough to enjoy and remember it.
permalink Are you really allowed
to keep babies inside plastic bags?

I can see the cleanliness potential, but seems a little cruel
permalink It's ok as long as you have ventilation holes.
permalink maybe something like a turkey roasting bag