thread Oooops
I just did a bit of an MFC.

Fortunately without the swearing, but accidentally copied an architect into a note to my director where I pointed outthat whenever she gets involved, things get worse.

Not ideal.
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Here's your membershit pack.
permalink I did that a few months ago,
pointing out to the entire team, not just one member of it, that team member Manos's sketches were 'piss poor' and could have been done 'by a trained ape'.

He left a few weeks ago. I wasn't invited to his leaving do.
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Nothing like doing that by accident to get taken off a project.

permalink "by accident"
permalink Did you write "happy international women's Day"
In the apology email
permalink Stringfellow Hawke's dead too
fuck 2019 so far
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he was 73 though. How the hell was that possible?