thread yeah for solar you're probably about £3bn for 1.5GW capacity
what you get out of that in terms of energy depends where it is, but North Africa/Southern Spain say about 30% load factor, so £9bn to get a solar array with the equivalent energy output of a nuke.

again I've not really treated capex/opex or levelised cost properly, but this is just to give riggers an indicator of the amount he needs in his piggybank to play with the big boys
permalink I've got a solar panel on my calculator
I'm setting up soltex inovatum inc

Going to be big.
permalink Fancy a JV?
I can double your capacity.
permalink I don't know what this means
but it sounds like an innuendo.
permalink much appreciated and very interesting, thank you
i do find it odd in this atmosphere of brexit that none of those sites are solely owned by the state/UK companies.
the desire for 'sovereignty' obviously doesn't go as far as putting their hands in their pockets..