thread only because the Crown Estate hasn't yet made many options available
and the government hasn't given a clear policy direction on offshore CfDs yet

we're expecting something like 150GW of projects across the North Sea by 2040, and that's using about 1% of the potential resource
permalink and how much GW does the
UK need?
permalink total electricity demand peaks at around 55GW these days
but that number will potentially be a lot higher when you add EVs and move heat demand from the gas grid to heat pumps

that 150GW is for all the countries around the North Sea, though, not just the UK - and likely that if there is a critical mass of offshore wind in parallel a high voltage subsea grid will develop meaning the same system can be used to dispatch the output wherever it is needed and also increase electricity trade between countries in NW Europe
permalink Assuming that any of the rest of Europe still wants to have anything to do with us, of course...
permalink in which case we can cover the sunlit uplands
in PV panels
permalink Genius
Who wants inferior French electricty anyway? It smells funny and goes on strike twice a week.

Proper British megawatts have more watts in than shitty European megawatts, afterall. And they're blue. Proper blue watts!

permalink I tried some of that French electricity
in my kitchen the other week. Everything tasted of garlic for days.
permalink Oooh we can drop back to a proper 240v instead of that
nonsense 250v the europeans insist upon.
permalink Mostly 220v
Whilst we remain at mostly 240v.

What European voltage harmonisation did was to say everyone had to deliver 230v +10% -6%, which conveniently covered all the voltages in use anyway...