thread No new posts since Thursday?
We're slacking people.

We had a fun weekend of Captain Marvel, lunch with my family and looking after a small doggo. Kitty was not impressed, but less not-impressed than expected.
permalink I Captain Marvelled on Friday. Good isn't it? Though at least one too many bouts of fisticuffs
if you ask me. At least 20 minutes could have been trimmed off the running time. Saturday was more disappointing with a bowl of laksa not living up to my hopes and Bohemian Rhapsody being a bit like a Hallmark Channel biopic. Yesterday was spent squinting at my phone and the bad connection to the memorial event for my favourite cousin who died last weekend in Mumbai. Today I have the day off work and am going to the V&A to see the Dior today and am hoping - probably totally uselessly - that it won't be absolutely heaving on a Monday.

By the way, I have more plant leavings if you would like them? Also, I think I totally confuzzled Giles last week as I was in F&M in the tea department and gave him the big hello. He was terribly polite in response as you'd expect but I think had no idea who I was. I dropped your names in to the conversation to give him a clue.
permalink he is easily confused.

permalink Yes, I am.
permalink The Big Final Fight In Space went on a bit too long
and seemingly to very little effect, but I didn't feel l suffered unduly. Disappointing Laksa is a great peel session, but a very poor dinner.

Sorry about your cousin, I hope the memorial was as good as can be expected. At least it didn't coincide with the Laksa Incident, that would've been too much.

Heh Giles didn't mention he'd been accosted by anyone, but then he's probably forgotten everything that happened in the shop last week by now! Plant leavings, yes please, I have a dead succulent that needs replacing. How often are you watering?
permalink Yes, exactly. I did get a bit bored but I liked the characterisation
and the 90s details.

Thanks, it's been a bit tough. Very sudden. Didn't get to see much of the memorial but apparently it's been filmed and will be shared. And I think the Laksa Incident is my own fault for thinking I could get something in London that would taste the same as the laksa in Singapore...

Yeah, I wasn't surprised that he'd no idea who I was. Plus I was out of context which befuddles me too. Cool, will put more leavings in the post to you. I water whenever the leaves feel wambly but on the whole they are pretty hard to kill.
permalink Is wambly a technical term?
permalink "Underground, Overground, Wambling Free
The Wambles of Wambledon Common Are We"...
permalink Straight outta Gardeners' Question Time
permalink Oooh... and I meant to let you know...
Monsieur Le Duck was bloody epic.

All the duck. All of it.
permalink Cor. I do want to go there...
permalink Not sure how long it's open for...
busy evenings, but lunch is probably achievable.
permalink Sorry to hear about your cousin, very sad
Haven't caught Captain Marvel yet, but want to.

We did however catch Older Than Ireland, which is an absolutely brilliant doco interviewing a bunch of Irish centenarians. Funny, sad and all over brilliant.
permalink aparently
Endgame is over three hours.

I mean I'll go watch it, but fucking hell, have they let Peter Jackson direct it?

permalink Yeah. We've been a bit rubbish, haven't we?
This weekend I mostly did amazing cooking.

The best Duck dish I've ever cooked on Saturday, and crackin herb-crusted veal yesterday. With the Spaniard's mexican feast on Friday, we've been eating well!
permalink Doggo has been dispatched to owner
i thought he was pretty happy here, but he got all yelpy when he saw her and his tail must be aching by now with all the wagging.

cat has not emerged yet.
permalink Yeah, other beings will always be second best to Moira :)
This is normally kitty nap time so I'm not surprised he's not come down.
permalink hewwow
im getting so chonky. oh and we have a new anemone for the fish tank, lots of appointments over the next month or so...especially since the midwife to hospital transfer of my maternity file went missing. I'm meant to be under consultancy care. Ehn...
permalink I've opened a fried chicken place

cfb, sfw
permalink I like this!
permalink haha
permalink Spent the last few days in Dublin
with the folks. Very good time had by all, dining on excellent fish every day, going for nice walks in the countryside, chilling with drinkies, and being reminded what cool people my parents are.

Also, as noted by Scoff on FB, we did the Dun Laoghaire to Howth boat trip which was *superb*. Had a lovely day for it, saw gannets and guillemots, and had a superb fish lunch at The Oarhouse in Howth, which is one of my favourite fish places in Dublin - started with some lovely grilled mackerel and mained on a baked whole sea bream which was to die for.

Next time you're in this hemisphere Mr Cruddle, you has *gots* to do the boat trip. You can pick it up in Dublin on the North Quay, take it to DL, then Howth, then loop down around Dalkey Island and back, or any part thereof. All very civilised indeed. Also, pints and grilled hake in The Club in Dalkey, natch.
permalink Sounds good
I wasn't aware of the harbour cruise. Mind you, I only just caught up with the ferry to Holyhead no longer leaving from Dun Laoghaire at all.

One assumes you didn't get beaten up by your erstwhile acquaintance. I had an image of him hanging round the arrivals at the airport
permalink Nah,
he clearly wasn’t paying attention.
permalink We had an unexpectedly really hot and sunny autumn weekend
So Saturday was all the gardening, Sunday some running and more impromptu drinking that was probably wise. Monday was "difficult"
permalink I'm thinking of building a pizza oven in the garden
permalink you'll never use it as much as you think you will and
might as well just buy 3 years worth of posh pizzas delivered instead.


but you might have great fun building it...

permalink my italian neighbours tell me
that the pizza round here is all terrible
permalink build it in their garden then
and hang around the fence expectantly
permalink your Italian neighbour
is likely to think all pizza is terrible, apart from this one place in a small village somewhere
permalink ..owned by his cousin.
permalink Quite
permalink even if it's only 1 pizza made
it's worth it

yay for middle-aged tinkering
permalink you do realise to get a real pizza oven hot enough you need
to stoke it with wood for about 3 days, and 3 trees... Not at all viable. My brother has one in mallorca and it takes more than 12 hours to get warm enough.
permalink The italians say
that you should use twigs rather than big stuff as it burns quicker and hotter.
permalink just do it
and if you get bored of it you can always make a funfair out of it for the guinea pigs
permalink have they never heard of bellows?
i'm guessing that's why the industrial revolution never started there..
permalink we had bellows
I think it was badly made, or the chimney was blocked. Send in the small child to clean it.