thread The Big Final Fight In Space went on a bit too long
and seemingly to very little effect, but I didn't feel l suffered unduly. Disappointing Laksa is a great peel session, but a very poor dinner.

Sorry about your cousin, I hope the memorial was as good as can be expected. At least it didn't coincide with the Laksa Incident, that would've been too much.

Heh Giles didn't mention he'd been accosted by anyone, but then he's probably forgotten everything that happened in the shop last week by now! Plant leavings, yes please, I have a dead succulent that needs replacing. How often are you watering?
permalink Yes, exactly. I did get a bit bored but I liked the characterisation
and the 90s details.

Thanks, it's been a bit tough. Very sudden. Didn't get to see much of the memorial but apparently it's been filmed and will be shared. And I think the Laksa Incident is my own fault for thinking I could get something in London that would taste the same as the laksa in Singapore...

Yeah, I wasn't surprised that he'd no idea who I was. Plus I was out of context which befuddles me too. Cool, will put more leavings in the post to you. I water whenever the leaves feel wambly but on the whole they are pretty hard to kill.
permalink Is wambly a technical term?
permalink "Underground, Overground, Wambling Free
The Wambles of Wambledon Common Are We"...
permalink Straight outta Gardeners' Question Time