thread Spent the last few days in Dublin
with the folks. Very good time had by all, dining on excellent fish every day, going for nice walks in the countryside, chilling with drinkies, and being reminded what cool people my parents are.

Also, as noted by Scoff on FB, we did the Dun Laoghaire to Howth boat trip which was *superb*. Had a lovely day for it, saw gannets and guillemots, and had a superb fish lunch at The Oarhouse in Howth, which is one of my favourite fish places in Dublin - started with some lovely grilled mackerel and mained on a baked whole sea bream which was to die for.

Next time you're in this hemisphere Mr Cruddle, you has *gots* to do the boat trip. You can pick it up in Dublin on the North Quay, take it to DL, then Howth, then loop down around Dalkey Island and back, or any part thereof. All very civilised indeed. Also, pints and grilled hake in The Club in Dalkey, natch.
permalink Sounds good
I wasn't aware of the harbour cruise. Mind you, I only just caught up with the ferry to Holyhead no longer leaving from Dun Laoghaire at all.

One assumes you didn't get beaten up by your erstwhile acquaintance. I had an image of him hanging round the arrivals at the airport
permalink Nah,
he clearly wasn’t paying attention.