thread On my way north right now...
work to do en route. Should be done and on holiday by about 2pm.

Grab my gear from mum's and drive to Glen Nevis... tonight in the bunkhouse at the Ben Nevis Inn... up early tomorrow for the Ring of Steall in late winter conditions. Weather's looking good... should be superb.

Back to mum's tomorrow evening, then pick up minilluminator on Sunday morning, go to airport, fly to Paris, meet Spaniard off Eurostar, then 4 days of Paris/Disney/etc.
permalink my plan is roughly
today: train to Ipswich, cycle to Shotley, tiny ferry to Harwich, find something to eat there, board massive ferry
tommorow: get off massive ferry at Hoek, cycle to Antwerp (weather looks ok) including at least one further small ferry.
Sunday: trains to Oudenaarde and bus to Kwaermont, beer & chips (with mayo) at the Tour of Flanders, bus + trains back to Antwerp
Monday: ride to Rotterdam
Tuesday: Rotterdam tourism, short ride to Hoek for overnight ferry
Wednesday: direct train home
permalink That sounds splendid
I like this.
permalink If you can work in the delta works
to the route from anterp to rotterdam i highly recommend it. though not in a headwind.. and it's a bit of a detour.

also the hague is a nice place to visit. could be good for dinner before big ferry home.
permalink hang on...
given your choice of viewing point

isn't going via rotterdam rather... out of the way. canterbury is closer.

permalink The whole cycled home from Barcelona
doesn't understand why someone would want to go for a long ride....
permalink guilty m'lord,
i was just wondering why the bus was needed.

permalink staying in a hotel in Antwerp.
Kwaremont is an (off the bike) day trip from there
permalink sounds quite full on
have you been to the 'Lost Valley'? that's somewhere south near glen nevis isn't it
permalink Glen Coe
Not far away.

Lovely. Special place. part of the route up, or down from, Bidean Nam Bian.
permalink Wether forecast had changed completely by Friday night
It wasn't shit, but the cloud was lower. Conditions on top were fairly full-on snow-on-rock chaos. I hooked up with a group of 4 from Edinburgh and we had a great ascent of An Gearanach, but got well along the ridge to An Garbanach before reaching a bit that was just not safe in those conditions (especially since not everyone had ice axe and crampons... I did , but I still thought it was too hairy in the super-low visibility.). So back we went. Still a good 7 hour day on the mountain though.