thread Lying on the sofa,
up to my eyeballs in painkillers, my left knee wrapped in ice. Spent 4 hrs yesterday at A&E at UCLH, yelping in agony regularly, then an x-ray told me nothing I didn't already know (bone crumbling on the top surface of the tibia). Seems to be some sort of ligament damage this time, but they barely register on x-rays so I have to wait till the swelling goes down and get it MRI scanned. Meh to the motherfucking max.
permalink ouch...
you should have listened to baz luhrmann

permalink Not sure how Sunscreen
could help...
permalink Oh tits
permalink I was just about
To say that
permalink *hugs tits*
permalink hang on
a goshdarned minute
permalink It's all gone a bit wrong
Whether that's a boardspack, or all my own doing, who knows!
permalink you'll miss them when they are gone.
permalink ouchieMcOuchKnee!
you need more yoghurt :)
permalink In further developments,
I've been speaking to BUPA (got free health insurance through work) and they're being lightning fast in organising an MRI scan and an MSK appointment. So by the middle of next week, I should know what the fuck is going on. I do feel ever so slightly guilty about going private, but I'm justifying it because a) I have it as part of my pay package so I might as well use it, and b) it'll free up an MRI slot in the NHS for someone who doesn't.
permalink also C:
you pay income tax on the cost of it as a benefit.

But as you say it frees up NHS resources. I went 6.5 years with corporate heath cover and never used it.. then left and spent a year in and out of hospitals.
permalink This'll be the second time we've used it
(Mrs Dublin is on my policy too), ironically both for fucked knees.

Thing is, the NHS MSk guy I saw a a year or two ago told me I'll have to get that knee replaced in 12-15 years one way or another.
permalink Just knock it through and put in a side return with an island kitchen

Add a load of value
permalink and somebody without insurance is one step closer
that's how I justify using mine.
permalink And now
on top of all that I have the most horrendous dose of food poisoning. The mayonnaise in a sarny yesterday I think.
permalink I too justify my use of health insurance
by the fact that it frees up the NHS for others, plus I'm paying tax for the benefit so I may as well get some use of it.

It was certainly reassurring when I had a cancer scare a few years ago and could have the barrage of tests done immediately, rather than having to wait several months.

When you go for your MRI scan, ask for a copy of the scans on CD/usb - you can get free medical imaging software online to render them at home. It's great fun looking through your own internals like that.

My knee:
permalink Cool!
Or maybe not. I can't tell if it's supposed to be like that or not.
permalink I have two scans of my knee, one before surgery
and one after, and I'm damned if I can tell a difference.

Either way, my knee is still a continual source of problems.
permalink I have been told not to take painkillers today,
as I'm seeing the consultant this afternoon. As a result, my knee is made of pain.
permalink You have my sympathies.
I've lost track of the number of times I'd contemplated a diy amputation.
permalink I can see that.
Today, I am awash in Nurofen but it's still fairly hurty.

The consultant told me it's actually probably a hamstring injury, though we won't know till the MRI on Friday.
permalink I've got my head on a CT scan
Keep wondering how hard it's be to have my brain and head 3d printed.
permalink I think it's easier to isolate the brain from scans
as the tissues are very different, so show up clearly. Although I neglected to get a copy of my head MRI when I had one done, so I've not had a chance to try it.