thread yay to the continuation of the patriachy.
i think.

permalink well Dave was the last of his name
so he needed an heir. and he gets to play boy stuff with him probably. I suspect lots of car tinkerings together.
permalink And how would this have been different with a girl exactly

permalink I've trained you well
You are, of course, correct.
permalink I walked past some kids in my street playing football
with my mum and my two year old. My mum said "it's a shame you're not a boy or you could play football too".
permalink How subtle were you
about kicking her in the ankle?
permalink I told her she was wromg
and assured Eve that she could play football if she wanted, but not with big kids using a hard ball as she'd get hurt.

I then had a word with my mum about limiting anybody's horizons.

She comes from a "women, know your place" kinda church though, so it's very much her culture.
permalink Jolly good
Women do know their place, it's everywhere :)
permalink oh I agree
I would expect him to do the same stuff if the child and he wanted to together. I know I'm going to teach the boy how to cook, clean, fold and iron and sew and knit and craft in general.
permalink Skip the ironing
Nobody needs to know ironing.
permalink But you know *how*
in case of emergency.
permalink exactly.
if you don't know HOW to do it, how do you know to avoid it?